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biceps femoris

hip flexor, deep in pelvis; a composite of two muscles

Gluteus Maximus

used to extend the hip while climbing stairs


"toe dancer's" muscle; a two-bellied muscle of the calf

tibialis anterior

inverts and dorsiflexes the foot


muscle group that allows you to draw your legs to the midline of your body, as when standing at attention

vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis

muscle group that extends the knee

semimembranosus, semitendinosus

muscle group that extends the thigh and flexes the knee

Gluteus medius

smaller hip muscle commonly used as an injection site.

peroneus muscles

muscle group of the lateral leg; plantar flex and evert the foot.


strap-like muscle that is weak thigh flexor; the "tailor's muscle

prime mover

muscle responsible for a particular body movement; agonist


postural muscles for the most part; reverses and/or opposes the action of a prime mover.


stabilizes a joint so that the prime mover can act at more distal joints; immobilizes the origin of a prime mover


muscles that assist the action of the agonist; performs the same movements as the prime mover

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