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  1. inverts and dorsiflexes the foot
  2. strap-like muscle that is weak thigh flexor; the "tailor's muscle
  3. muscle group that extends the knee
  4. hip flexor, deep in pelvis; a composite of two muscles
  5. postural muscles for the most part; reverses and/or opposes the action of a prime mover.

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  1. fixatormuscle group that allows you to draw your legs to the midline of your body, as when standing at attention


  2. semimembranosus, semitendinosusmuscle group that extends the thigh and flexes the knee


  3. gastrocnemius"toe dancer's" muscle; a two-bellied muscle of the calf


  4. adductorsstabilizes a joint so that the prime mover can act at more distal joints; immobilizes the origin of a prime mover