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  1. postural muscles for the most part; reverses and/or opposes the action of a prime mover.
  2. strap-like muscle that is weak thigh flexor; the "tailor's muscle
  3. smaller hip muscle commonly used as an injection site.
  4. muscle group of the lateral leg; plantar flex and evert the foot.
  5. stabilizes a joint so that the prime mover can act at more distal joints; immobilizes the origin of a prime mover

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  1. tibialis anteriorinverts and dorsiflexes the foot


  2. prime movermuscle responsible for a particular body movement; agonist


  3. Gluteus Maximusused to extend the hip while climbing stairs


  4. synergistmuscles that assist the action of the agonist; performs the same movements as the prime mover