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3.1 - How Changes Occur Naturally in Ecosystems

Natural Selection
living organisms change as the abiotic and biotic components in their environment change.
Adaptive Radiation
the change from a common ancestor into a number of different species that "radiate out" to inhabit different niches
Ecological Succession
changes that take place over time int he types of organisms that live in an area.
Primary Succession
occurs in an area where no soil exists
Secondary Succession
occurs as the result of a disturbance to an area that already has soil and was once the home of living organisms
an over flow of water. Can result in soil erosion and soil pollution.
a temporary or prolonged shortage of rainfall. Can result in crop failures and livestock deaths
a huge destructive wave (especially one caused by an earthquake)
Insect Infestation
have a devastating effect on the forest canopy, and bird and mammal habitats.
Pioneer Species
the first organisms to survive and reproduce in and area.