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History Alive! The Medieval world and beyond chapter 21

TCI History Alive The Medieval world and beyond chaper 21 Japan
Capital of Japan in 794
Beauty elegance and correct manners
What aristocrats prized(becm)
How long did the Heian period last?
diaries and nonfiction
What did court women write?
Japanese court
What did Nara gain a big influence over?
power of priest is damaging to the government
Why did Kammu move capital away from Nara?
When did Kammu move capital?
Where did Kammu first move his city?
30 miles
How far was Nagaoka from Nara?
Money took to building new city
Why did Kammu's government have a corruption?
Rich Chinese family
Where did Kammu get land from?
When did Kammu stop work on the city?
Village by Yoko river
Where did Kammu move his capital the second time?
Prettier and safer from attacks
Why was Kammu's new city by the Yoko river better than Nagaoka?
What was the name of Kammu's officially moved city?
Capital of peace and tranquility.
What does Heian Kyo mean?
What is Heian Kyo now called?
Chang'an's streets
What were Heian Kyo's streets modeled after?
Did Japanese use chairs?
What was considered beautiful in housing in ancient Heian times?
Political and cultural leaders
What were Japanese aristocrats sometimes?
dishonest or illegal practices especially involving money
A member of a ruler's court
Descriptive or imaginative language especially when used to inspire mental "pictures"
Noh theater
A classic form of Japanese drama involving heroic themes,a chorus,and dance.
Aristocratic families
What was more powerful than emporers in Japan?
9th century
When did emporers overpower Japan?
Fujiwara family
What was the most important Aristocratic family?
Was the Fujiwara family ever rulers(such as emporers?)
Married into royalty
What did the Fujiwara family do with their young daughters?
make him emporer
When the Fujiwara's young daughters married into the royal family,what did the daughters make sure happened when they had a son?
What were the Fujiwara family to the emporer?
Coaxed older emporers to retire
What did the Fujiwara do to the older emporers to get them to retire?
995 to 1028
How long did Fujiwara Michinaga rule?
father and law of 4,father of 3
What was Fujiwara Michinaga to 7 of the emporers?
this world i think is indeed my world
What was Fujiwara's famous quote?
Did Fujiwara Michinaga make his family richer?
300 years
How long did the Fujiwara family keep peace in Japan?
Japanese culture in heian period
Peace that Fujiwara family kept helped what blossom?
What was important in heian period?
Social class of family
What is rank?
Did rank matter more than skills?
high court nobles,less important nobles,minor officials
What was 9 main ranks in Heian Class in order from greatest to least?
1 through 5
What ranks got money from rice farms and taxes from pesants?
How many subranks were there?
What were the 4 main subranks?
Houses,carriages,folds in fan,amount of servants
What was the main thinks that were different in the ranks? (h,c,fif,aos)
25 folds
If you were in 1-3 ranks,how many folds were in your fan?
23 folds
if you were in 4-5 ranks,how many folds were in your fan?
12 folds
if you were 6-9 ranks,how many folds were in your fan?
If you committed a crime,what had to do with how harsh your sentence would be?
important family,sensitive to beauty in nature poetry and art,good taste
What are the rules for being good?

Was recognizing beauty more important than generosity and honesty?
pointed beards
What was hot on male courtiers?
longer than heighth
If you were in high rank how long would your hair be?
black teeth
What did Japanese find more attractive,white teeth or black teeth?
Was perfume important?
perfume making contests
What kind of contests were important involving the scent of a person?
How many robes did an aristocrat woman wear at once?
member of a ruler's court
What is a courtier?
What did Courtiers play that involved kicking a leather ball back and forth keeping it in the air as long as possible?
Did Keian-kyo's aristocrats have a lot of leisure time?
did aristocratic women play sports?
A game where balanced as many stones as you could on one finger.
best decorated fans,dancing,athletic,poetic,artistic skill
What other Heian contests were there besides perfume contests?(bdf,d,a,p,as)
Did Heians have the most amount of slaves contest?
Performances involving dance music drama
Bugaku performances were..............(dmd)
Who were the Heian artists most influences by?
How many pieces of wood did it take for a Heian artist to make a sculpture.
Who was Fujiwara Michinaga's famous artist?
"The Lord of boundless light"
What was a famous sculpture made my Jocho?
What did Japanese artists call their art influenced by the Chinese to distinguish it from Chinese art?
Japanese paintings
What does yamato-e mean?
What did quick colorful lines in yamato-e mean?
Street people landscapes
What did Yamato-e paint besides religious scenes?(sp,l)
right to left
In what order are the Japanese scroll paintings?
descriptive or imaginative language when used usually to inspire mental pictures
What was the most valued form of expression in Japan?
What did Japanese use to write syllables?
What kind of writing did men use to write formally?