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Fractures are coded by treatment

Open, closed, or percutaneous

Open Treatment

is made when a surgery is performed in which the fracture is exposed by an incision made over the fracture and the fractured bone is visualized

Closed treatment

is performed when the physician repairs the fracture without visualizing the fracture

Percutaneous skeletal fixation

describes fracture treatment that neither open nor closed. In this procedure, the fracture is not open to view,but fixation is placed across the fracture site, usually under x-ray imaging

Greenstck fracture

A greenstick, buckle or torus fracture is a fracture in a young, soft bone in which the bone bends and partially breaks

Avulsion fracture

is a bone fracture which occurs when a fragment of bone tears away from the main mass of bone as a result of physical trauma.

Spiral fracture

is a bone fracture occurring when torque is applied along the axis of a bone.

Impacted fracture

is a type of fracture in which one of broken fragments of bone wedges into another

Transverse fracture

A fracture in which the break is across the bone

Comminuted fracture

A fracture in which bone is broken, splintered or crushed into a number of pieces. ...

Oblique factor

A fracture that is diagonal to a bone's long axis

Simple (closed) fracture

is a broken bone when the skin over the fracture site is in tact

Compound (open) fracture

A fracture in which the bone is sticking through the skin

Colles' fracture

is a distal fracture of the radius in the forearm with dorsal (posterior) displacement of the wrist and hand. ...

Nasal bone fracture, closed treatment

cpt code: 21310

Unclomplicated, closed treatment of one fractured rib

cpt code: 21800

Interphalangeal joint dislocation of toe, open treatment with internal fixation

cpt code: 28675

Open distal fibula fracture repair with internal fixation


Femoral shaft fracture repair using closed treatment


Percutaneous skeletal fixation of impact fracture of proximal end, femoral neck


Open treatment of shoulder dislocation with closed frcture of the greater humeral tuberosity, non- dispaced

cpt code: 23670
icd9: 812.03

closed treatment of closed mandibular fracture, including interdental fixation

cpt: 21453
icd9: 802.20

Percutaneous skeletal fixation of a closed distal radius fracture

cpt: 25606
icd9: 813.81

Closed ankle dislocation, closed treatment

cpt: 27840
icd9: 837.0

Penetrating woulnd elploration may be coded from the musculoskeletal system, Integumentary system, or the appropriate______ site.


Which physician subspecialty can report the codes from the muscloskeletal system subsection

any physician

It is the _______ of the fracture that determines the method treatment

Extent or type

___________is the applicatin of pulling force to hold a bone in place


What term is used to mean "put the bone back into place"


what is the term that describes the physicians actions of bending, manipulating, rotating, pulling or guiding the bone back into place


what term describes the cleaning of a wound


what term describes a bone that is not in its normal location

dislocation or dislocated

this is a hollow needle that is often used to withdraw samples of fluid from a joint


Incision of a superficial soft tissue abscess, secondary to osteomyelitis

cpt code: 20000

Radical resection of a 2.7 cm malignant neoplasm of the soft tissue of the upper back

cpt code: 21935

closed treatment of 3 vertebral process fractures

cpt code: 22305

under general anesthesia, manipulation of a right shoulder joint with external fixation


Lengthening of four tendons of elbow


Incision and drainage of bursa of elbow


Open treatment of carpal scaphoid fracture with internal fixation applied


arthroscopy of 2 metacarpophalangeal joints


Tenotomy of 2 flexor tendons of a finger using an open procedure


amputation lower arm using krukenberg procedure


open treatment of radial and ulnar shaft fracture with internal fixation of both radius and ulna


Osteoplasty for shortening of both of radius and ulna for adult kienbock's disease

cpt: 25392
icd9: 732.8

Percutaneous lateral tenetomy for tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

cpt: 24357
icd9: 726.32

replantation of right arm, including the neck of the humerus through the elbow joint, following a complete traumatic amputation

cpt: 20802-RT
ICD9: 887.2

exploration of a penetrating wound of the left leg

20103 wound, exploration, penetrating extremity



replantation of right foot after a completet, traumatic amputation

20838 replantation, foot

radical resection of malignant neoplasm of cheek, less than 2 cm

21015 tumor, resection, face

nonoperative, electrical stimulationof nonhealing femur fracture

20974 electrical stimulation,bone healing, noninvasive

percutaneous needle biopsy of muscle of upper arm in a patient with congenital myotonic muscular dystrophy

20206 biopsy, muscle
icd-9-cm 359.22 dystrophy, muscular, congenital, myotonic

intra-articular aspiration and injection of finger joint arthritis

20600 aspiration, joint
icd-9-cm 716.94 arthritis, hand

replacement of fiberglass shoulder to hand (long-arm) cast for a 54-yr old patient

29065 cast,long arm
99070 supply materials

initial application of a walking type short leg cast for a sprain

29425 cast walking

removal of a full leg cast by a physician who didnt apply the cast

29425 cast removal

strapping of a 46 yr old patirents knee

29530 strapping, knee

replacement of a thigh to toes cast on the right leg of a 35 yr old female patient

29345 cast long leg 99070 supply, materials

SURGICAL ARThroscopy of ankle, which included extensive debridement

29898 arthroscopy surgical ankle

diagnostic knee arthroscopy with synovial biopsy

29870 arthroscopy diagnostic knee

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