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A large grocery store chain has an active print media operation. They publish weekly flyers to be inserted into newspapers. They also frequently send direct mail flyers. How can they best incorporate social media to their advertising mix?
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Teri is the Social Media Strategist for a large educational instittution and is responsible for social media risks within their communities. She has implemented a quarterly comprehensive evaluation and daily checks for threats and weaknesses. What stage requires assigning probablity levels to threats?
Stuart is the social media risk manager for an international drone enthusiasts association. He has noticed various chapters around the world using images and copyrighted materials. What should Stuart do to ensure the association's social media sites are in compliance with the various legal regulations internationally?
Allan works for an event planning company and is creating a curated content article about the ten best games for breaking the ice at parties. He has found articles on the internet, describing various games, which he wants to incorporate into his own content. Which of the following is a best practice for using curated content ethically?
A company noticed a recent spike in online posting about one of their products. In response, they increased the amount of paid advertising for that particular product. However, sales of the product dropped by 75% in the next 3 months. Which big data value component was missing from the analysis about the spike?
Jonathan works on the marketing team of a regional sporting goods retailer. He has been asked to give a short presentation at a company-wide meeting about the results of the marketing team's social media campaigns over the last year. What type of social media report would be the most appropriate to use as the basis for this presentation?CampaignA startup business is designing fabric patterns for the home fashion industry. What kind of platforms will best meet the business' social media marketing needs?Photo oriented sites, such as PinterestA small book publishing company wants to promote their titles through social media. Which strategy would best support them?Cultivate a relationship with an online book club to share announcements and offer free booksJared has been assigned to review the company's social media policies and determine what changes should be considered for modification. As he reviews the ethical guidelines he identifies that the code of conduct section needs modification regarding employee's personal social media usage guidelines. Why is it important to include personal social meida usage guidelines?Personal social media usage can have a negative impact on the company's reputationWhich of the following is a social media optimization technique that can aid in search engine optimization?Filling out all social media profiles completelyAlcie works in social media marketing for an established online shoe company. The company uses many simultaneous social media campaigns to enourage current and potential customers to purchase the latest fashion trends. During which stage of these social media campaigns should Alice define her audience's positions in the social media funnel?PlanningWhy is it important for an organization to use the same name, username and e-mail address across multiple social media platforms?It improves brand recognitionDrew is managing a social media advertising campaign. He has selected a popular social media site. The site has a flat membership fee, plus a pay-per-click fee. Drew will also be outsourcing the graphic design of the ads. What information do you need to calculate the cost-per-click of the campaign?Graphic design cost, membership fee, pay-per-click fee and total clicks madeA marketing team has received a report that identifies several target audiences. They develop a plan to offer new products to the audiences based on the data in the report. What stage of social media mining is this?Evaluation and interpretationMatthew and Ashley are trying to decide whether their company would benefit from having an instagram account. What is some of the demographic information they must consider in order to make this decision?Age of their customers, customer income and genderA marketing company is developing a promotional service that will offer to various clients. The service inlcudes daily posts on popular social media platforms including information about selected products, a mapt of the client's currnent location and the date/time the product is available. What kind of business client would best benefit from this social media strategy?An art gallery selling antique paintingsWhich of the following is a benefit of researching and creating social media personas for a business?Helps you focus on who your main brand consumer is and seeing your products from their perspectiveA large paper products company has recently hired a new CEO. She is blogging regularly on social media to discus ways to improve products and reduce negative impact on the environment. Other leaders in the company have engaged in her blog discussions and shared with their departments. This behavior is known as:Executive buy-inJames is creating a social media strategy plan in order to help drive company sales. He is selecting various personas that might shop at the online store and raking them based on their possible level of interest in the product. Which stage of the social media strategy plan cycle is he in?Identify the target audienceA small business is selling widgets. A recent customer is enthusiastic about her new widget and has shared the business's posts in her personal social media network. What kind of social media communication is this?Earned communicationA fitness gym club has spent a significant amount of time and money building an online presence in social media. They have built pages on several platforms, gathered an audience and post content regularly. How can the club ensure they are staying on top of rapidly changing trends in social media?Schedule quarterly or semi-annual reviews of social media trends to identify new opportunitiesMariah works for a local community organization and is creating a social media campaign to drive their followers to sign-up for their monthly e-mail newsletter. Which of the following would be the most effective way for her to optimize her social media campaign?Use multiple variations of the post over the duration of the campaign with catchy headlines and images that are tailored to each platform. Make sure to never use the exact post twice.Kameron is assigned to minimize the vulnerabilities in his company's social media communications and online chatting features. His company is launching a new product. Information about the new product has been leaked to the public, ahead of schedule. To mitigate the situation, Kameron first focused on redefining who has access to new product information. What would be the next area to improve?Update computers to eliminate system vulnerabilities and to prevent theft of intellectual propertyThe developers of a point-of-sale retail transaction software had a system error in their web server. Users of the system were unable to upload data through their remote data entry service. The customers quickly grew angry about the situation and began posting negative comments on several popular social media sites and the company's public message board. The company is in the response stage of managing the cirisis. What should they do?Post responses to the messages, explaining the problem and when it will be resolvedA major winter storm has closed a highway that runs through a national park. The park service announces teh closure on microblogging sites and major social media sites. They get several responses from park visitors requesting evacuation assistance. This behavior is commonly referred to as:CrowdshapingConnie is the social media risk manager for a large retail shopping service. She has a comprehensive strategy to manage social media risks. She has implemented a program to train all departments within the company to be risk-aware. What tasks should she perform to ensure all departments are performing as expected?Monitor activities for risks, measure and gather appropriate data and create reports that assess risks and suggest controlsA self-employed motivational speaker is active on several forms of social media, including twitter, Fabcebook, and Youtube. However, he does not have the time or resources to maintain a presence on other social media sites. What is the most cost effective way to make sure potential customers can still reach him?Create placeholder pages that redirect visitors to his website or other social media sitesWhich organization is likely to experience the highest impact of implementing an aggressive social media marketing campaign?A political campaign for mayor of a large cityA marine biolody expert works as a guide with a whale-watching tour company. He wants to communicate information on scientific research, videos of whale sightings and other events to potential tour customers and whale conservationists. He also wants to share information from his industry peers. Which social media tool can he use to meet these needs?Micro blogDavid is the social media manager of a privately owned teenage sports club social media site. When an individual or organization signs up on the site, they must agree to the terms of use and privacy poliices before being allowed to create a profile or post on the site. These poliicies provide David's organization the ability to collect and use data about the user, sucha as their interests. Which of the following would be an inappropriate use of this information?The owner of the site uses the contact information to sell them services from other companies he ownsA company can use statistics from social media to predict user behavior. What kind of big data strategy is this?Data explorationThe author, graphic designer and publisher of a series of graphic novels will be making appearances to sign their work at a major fan conference. What would be best strategy to attract the largest number of customers to the signing?Schedule an event on FacebookDuring which stages of the social media strategy planning cycle should you perform social media optimization (SMO)?Listen and analyze; identify the target audience, set goals; define strategies; implement; monitor and adjustWhich of the following is the chief disadvantage to using social media?In a crisis situation, a company's reputation can be damaged quicklyAn airline customer service department needs to notify passengers when a flight is delayed. Which of the following is an example of a SMART goal mission statement for the customer service department?Notify passengers via text message within 15 minutes of flight delaysKatie has launched a new natural makeup company and is looking to offer her lipstick line to potential new customers using a social media campaign. She has recently seen her competitors successfully use influencers to help promote their products to new customers. What should she look for when trying to identify the right potential influencers for her audience?Promotion, sharing, and engagementIn order to be considered as part of a brand's primary audience, a persona must be:Someone who is interested in the product, needs the product, and is able to afford the productWhich of the following is a benefit of social media auditing?Compare your social media presence to your competitorsJenn works for a company that sells non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. She is making a list of content she would like to use in the social media campaign. What content should she creating in order to have an impact across multiple social media platforms?Images that contain the brand color scheme and products, infographics on the impact of toxic cleaning chemicals on the environment compared to their products and videos demonstrating how well the products workA company has determined that their typical customer hears about their products from their social media network, then visits the company website and then makes a purchase. What type of conversion attribution model is this?multi-sourceErica has been assigned to grow the social media community for a health care provider association. She wants to include open job positions, and mentoring sections in the community to help people network. What types of risk will she need to address as she develops the strategy for these commmunity areas?Regulatory compliance and privacy violationsWhen evaluating a visualization of social network members, the influencers are generally considered the most important. This is known as?CentralitySarah works for a company that sells professional-wear clothing for women, both online and in sleect retail stores. She is conducting a SWOT analysis of the company's social media plan. Which of the following should she have completed first?a social media audit and a list of social media goalsSam, the CEO of a clothing company, is very vocal on political topics and expresses his opinions on the company Twitter account. What are the most likely risks due to this behavior?Reputation damage and financial lossDylan works for a small software start-up firm that is looking to use Facebook and Twitter to increase future revenues by building a larger potential customer base for their upcoming software release. Which of the following is a metric that could be used to evaluate the success of this social media campaign?The total number of followers on each platform. If each platform gains at least 10% more followers, the campaign will be considered a successA mid-sized technical company has an active presence on multiple social media sites. It has a variety of followers who communicate regularly about products and industry information. The company wants to increase the size of its social network in order to increase sales and revenue. The company plans to add paid advertising, as well as leveragive their organic advertising. What would help them choose the best platform to achieve their goals?Identify the most common characteristics of their followers and select the platform that best targets themA well known CEO of a large company regularly makes keynote speeches at industry conferences. How can these presentations be made more social?Share them as live streaming events and invite the audience to ask questions, which the CEO will answer immediatelyA company has a goal of increasing revenue from social media sites by 1.5% in the next quarter. They know the costs of their paid advertising and internal resources to promote the social media platform. They also have a readily available metric (sales orders) and are collecting data on conversions from follower to lead to sale. What is the company trying to calculate?Return on InvestmentA yarn store is running an online group with several hundred members on a popular social media site to share newly developed patterns and projects. The group manager notices that only a few members are regularly posting. What can she do to encourage more people to share their projects.Offer free yarn skeins to first time postersBill owns a small, local video production company. HIs current customer base consists moslty of local musicans looking for live concert music video and small start-up businesses in need of social media video advertising. His goal is to increase his bookings. When he creates a social media posting, which of the following messages would be an effective call to action?Schedule a video shoot today, to receive a 10% discount