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if you find somthing wrong please tell me

The NT does not replace the OT: it ____ the OT


The Law is in the same class as the ____ _____

Four Gospels

The History of the OT is in the same class as the ____ __ ___ ________.

Acts of the Apostles

Wisdom is in the same class as the ________.


The first _____ Gospels are called "Synoptic" because their points of view are similar.


Prophecy is in the same class as the __________ __ ____.

Revelation to John

Why are the Law and the Four Gospels similar?

Old law and new law, the founding of Israel and the founding of the church

How are is the History of the OT similar to the acts?

begins in Joshua, from the death of Moses, tells history of Israel
from the Ascension of, tells the history of the early church

Wisdom is similar to the Epistles because...

they both tell us how to like as Christians.

The first three Gospels are called "Synoptic" because their points of view are _______.


The Prophecy is simliar to the Revelation of John because...

John brings us the word of the lord in Symbols and images often recalling those used in the OT prophets.

All four Gospels tell the same _____


Each Gospel writer tells it from a different _____ __ ____ .

Point of view

Evangelist comes from the latin word __________


The first three Gospels are called "________" because their points of view are similar.


The Gospel writers are called ________


Evangelist comes from the _____ word evangelium


Each evangelist emphasizes different _______ because each one is writing for a different ________

details, audience

Of the four Gospels John's is the most _________


Synoptic comes from a _____ word that means " ______ ________"

Greek, seeing together

We know that all the Gospels are true because they never __________ ___ ________

contradict one anouther

______ __________ were the main audience for Matthew's Gospel

Jewish Christians

Matthew emphasizes Jesus as the ____ ____ of David's kingdom

True heir

_____ __________ were Mark's main audience.

Roman Christians

Mark emphasized Jesus as ______ of a new Exodus


_____ was Mark's main source of the story of Jesus' life


Many scholars believe that _____ Gospel was the earliest of the four


______ __________ were Luke's main audience

Gentile Christians

Luke includes details of Jesus' __________ and _____ not found anywhere else

Conception and Birth

____ may have been Luke's source for those details


John emphasizes Jesus as the ____ of ___ ______

word of God Incarnate

John stresses our ___ _______ in Christ

new creation

The family relationship of the _______ is most completely revealed in John


St. Luke wrote the ____ __ ___ ________ as a sequel to his Gospel

Acts of the Apostles

St. Luke gives us our only reliable ______ of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles


The author of Hebrews does not give us --- ----

his name

James tells Christians to be "doers of the ____, and not merely _______"

word, hearers

1 peter helps Christians live their fainth in a _______ _____.

Hostile World

2 Peter warns against false ________ and _______ us of the promised return of Christ.

Teachers and reminds

The three leters of John warn against false _______ and ________ who lead the church astry, and it reminds us that our first duty as Christians is to ____

spirits and teachers, love

Jude again wars against false ________, and against those who would divide the ______

Teachers, church

Revelation is traditionally attributed to the apostle ____


Revelation is a vision of the things to come that is both __________ and __________

Terrrifying and comforting

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