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Lecture Test for Vitamins and Antineoplastics

what are the following vitamins and minerals responsible for and a couple other questions about vitamins.
What is the difference between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins?
Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the fat cells of the body and used over an extended period of time. Water-soluble are excreted through bodily functions(eg. urination, bowel movements, sweat)
What is Vitamin A responsible for?
Dim light vision, maintenance of mucous membranes, growth and development of bones, healing of wounds, resistance to infection, also acts as an antioxidant
What is Vitamin D responsible for?
healthy bones and teeth, muscle function, enables absorption of calcium
What is Vitamin E responsible for?
decreases platelet clumping, normal metabolism and tissue protection, also an antioxidant, protects red blood cells from damage
What is Vitamin K responsible for?
blood clotting
what is Thiamine responsible for?
Normal nervous and cardiovascular systems
What is Riboflavin responsible for?
cell growth, aids in energy metabolism of glucose, fats, and amino acids, regulates certain hormones
What is Folic Acid responsible for?
synthesis of RBC's, leukocytes, DNA and RNA, needed for normal growth and reproduction.
What is Vitamin B12 responsible for?
synthesis of RBC's, maintenance of nervous system
What is Calcium responsible for?
development of bones and teeth, contraction of cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscles, nerve conduction, blood clotting
What is potassium responsible fr?
contraction of muscles, heartbeat regulation, transmission of nerve impulses, maintaining fluid balance
What is Iron responsible for?
hemoglobin formation
What is the role of antioxidants?
regulate normal cell function and the growth and repair of damaged or aging tissues.