14 terms

Elements of an argument

a viewpoint or opinion a person puts forth
information and facts that help prove an author's claim
opposing viewpoint
the other or opposite side of the claim; goes against claim
an argument that challenges and opposes other arguments.
ethical appeal
appeals to one's sense of right and wrong
logical appeal
appeals to reasons and objective evidence to reach the audience
emotional appeal
appeals to the reader's emotions instead of logic or reason
numerical data
a hypothesis that is taken to be true or factual, but may be debatable
a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened
using the testimony or statement of someone to persuade you to think or act as he or she does
bandwagon appeal
suggests that an idea, course of action, a topic is good because many others have done it /doing it
plain folks appeal
presenting the policy, person, product in a manner that is folksy or down to earth
snob appeal
Persuading by making people feel as though they are one of the elite if they are using a particular product or thinking a certain way