25 terms

Camp Half Blood

Who was the person that became a tree on half blood hill?
How many cabins are there a Camp Half Blood?
Who is the Councilor at Camp Half-Blood?
Mr. D (Dionysus)
Who is the god that looks over Camp Half-Blood?
Percy Jackson
Who has the Poseidon Cabin all to himself?
Long Island, New York
Where is Camp Half-Blood located?
Sell Strawberrys
What does Camp Half-Blood do to make money?
Give an Offering
What do Campers do before a meal?
Attic of the Big House
Where does the Oracle of Dephli live at the camp?
The Big House
Where are the Camp Half-Blood offices?
Annabeth Chase
Who is the head of the Athena Cabin?
Hermes Cabin
Where do Demigods stay when they are unclaimed?
Capture the Flag
What was the first big game that Percy played when he arrived?
Monsters and Mortals
Who or what can't get into Camp Half Blood?
Luke Castellan
Who was the head of the Hermes Cabin and betrayed Percy?
Grover Underwood
Who was told to protect Percy and to bring him to Camp Half Blood?
What was the drink that they gave Percy when he was hurt?
Keep out monsters and mortals
What does Camp Half-Bloods Protective boundary do?
Half Blood Hill
On which hill is Thilia's tree located?
The Oracle of Dephli
Who sent Percy on a Quest?
What substance, if Percy touched it, would automatically make him feel better?
Who is Percy's enemy at Camp Half-Blood?
The Woods
Where is the place that monsters are kept for training purposes?
Chiron, the Councilor is a ____________.
Mr. D is forbidden to grow ______________.