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main idea questions

1. save them and do them last
2. beware of answer choices that are too specific or too general

ex. the main idea of this passage is
the passage is primarily about
the best title for this passage is

detail questions

1. cross off the except/not
2. read the question without the except/not
3. check off the 4 correct answer choices
4. whats left is the correct answer choice

ex. all of the following are mentioned in the passage EXCEPT
which of the following is not mentioned in the passage

inference questions

1. make baby inferences

ex. it can be inferred from the passage that
the author suggests that

vocab in context questions

1. find the word and fill in your own word based on the context
2. find the answer choice that is closest to your word
3. be careful not to pic the answer choice that is the regular definition

ex. as used in line three ____ means:

tone questions

1. determine if the passage is objective or subjective
2. if it is subjective, decide if the author has a positive or a negative opinion

ex. what is the authors tone?
the authors style is best described as
this passage would most likely be found in

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