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verb span large distance of time space
open or straighten unbend
make available


large in spatial extent or range
having a broad range or effect
large in number or quantity
great in range or scope
of agriculture increasing productivity by using larege areas with minmial outlay of labor


put an end to kill
put out as of fires flames or lights
kill in large numbers
extinguish by crushing


praise glorify


noun, verb
draw or pull out, usually iwth some force or effort also used in an abstract sense
get despite of difficulties or obsticals
deduce or consture
a passage selected from a larger work


not pertinent to the matter under consideration
not essential
not belonging to that in which it is contained introduced from an outside sources
coming from outside


unrestrained in especially feelings
recklessly wasteful
spending, using or doing more than necessary


verb release from entanglement of difficulty
to free from a difficult or tangled situation
to set free from a difficult or embarrasing situation
to pull out, set free
set free, disentangle rescue


feel extreem happiness or elation
to express great joy
to be joyful to show happiness
rejoice to be extremely joyful


distinct feature or element in a problem
smooth surface
one aspect of a situation


make easier
be of use
physiology: in crease the likelihood of a response
to make it easier for a process activity or growth to happen


a group of people siding together against a leader or government
a clique that seeks power usually through intrigue
a small party with different views than the rest of society


body of teachers
one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
talent or ability
aptitude or ability of a person


contain or based of fallacy
intended to deceive
based on incorrect or misleading notion or information


likely to fail or be inaccurate
having the attributes of a man as opposed to e.g. divine beigns


noun adj.
cultivated land that is not seeded for one or more growing seasons
left unplowed and unseeded during a growing season
undeveloped but potentially useful


act of pausing uncertainly
be unsure or weak
move hesitatingly as if about to give way
walk unsteadily
speak haltingly


a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm
marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to cuase or idea
someone who is obsessed withor extremelyexctied about something


not based on fact dubious
having a curiously intricate quality
indulging in or influnced by fancy


giving and careful attention to detail hard to please excessively concred with cleanliness
microbilogy having compicated nutrional requiremsnts
very particular about ideas
difficult to satisfy or please
paying close attention to detail


linear unit of measurment=6 feet of water depth
come to understand


complacently inanely foolish
foolish silly stupid
vacuously smugly and unconsciously foolish


capeable of being dne with means at hand and circumstances as they are
in a practable maner


pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness
lacking strength or vigor
lacking physical strength or vitality


make believe
make a pretence of

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