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CT Life and Health Insurance Exam chapter 9

Chapter 9 review
Change of Occupation
Is not required under uniform health insurance provisions
The entire contract consists of the health insurance policy and a copy of the original application
The entire contract provision is a required uniform policy provision. What is true regarding this provision
Time limit on certain defenses
What health insurance provision allows an insurer to deny a claim if it finds that the insured concealed information about his health.
Two years
Statements made by applicant on a health insurance application are contestable by an insurer for an initial period of?
20 days
An insured suffers a covered illness he or she must notify the insurer of the loss within?
Legal Action
The following provision is a required uniform health insurance provision?
45 days
A policy owner may have his policy reinstated after a lapse if a reinstatement application is completed and approved. Once this application is submitted, an insurer must notify the insured of its approval or declination within?
90 days from the date of the loss
Written proof of loss must be supplied to an insurer within what period of time?
15 days
When an insured suffered a covered illness, she must supply notice of loss to the insurer. Once this notice is received by the insurer, it must send proof of loss form to the insured within?
According to the time of payment of claims provision, insurers must provide payment of disability income benefits not less frequently than?
All health policies include a renewable provision. Which of the following provides an insured with the most advantageous provision?
Three Months
The waiting period that must be satisfied before premiums will be waived under an accident and health contract is?
Four months
Jack owns a disability income policy with a 60 day waiting period. He is disabled for three months, returns to work for three months, but has to go out on disability for three more months with the same injury. How many months benefits with his policy pay?
February 25th 10 free look period
Paul applies for a health policy on Feb 5th. Underwriting approves the application on Feb 12th. The policy is delivered by the agent on Feb 15th, when does the free look period end?
The premium paid and representation on the application
The policy owner's consideration is the?
Guaranteed renewable
What type of disability income policy may have its premium increased for an entire class policies?