Lit 2

123 terms by hhs-tcis

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Scholastic Bowl literary works &authors

The Name of the Rose

(Umberto) Eco

Sister Carrie

(Theodore) Dreiser

Breakfast at Tiffany's

(Truman) Capote

Dead Souls

(Nikolai) Gogol

Tender is the Night

(F. Scott) Fitzgerald


(Robert Louis) Stevenson

Three Sisters

(Anton) Chekhov


(Joseph) Conrad

The Master Builder

(Henrik) Ibsen

The Second Coming

(William Butler) Yeats


(Percy Bysshe) Shelley

Ode to a Nightingale

(John) Keats

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

(George Gordon,) Lord Byron


(John Dos) Passos

Daisy Miller

(Henry) James


(Samuel) Richardson

Joseph Andrews

(Henry) Fielding


(Emile) Zola

Song of Solomon

(Toni) Morrison

Les Fleurs du Mal

(Charles) Baudelaire

The Little Foxes

(Lillian) Hellmann

An Enemy of the People

(Henrik) Ibsen

Gunga Din

(Rudyard) Kipling

Dover Beach

(Matthew) Arnold


(Henry Wadsworth) Longfellow

Inherit the Wind

Lawrence and Lee

Lucky Jim

(Kingsley) Amis

Arms and the Man

(George Bernard) Shaw

The Red and the Black


The Ambassadors

(Henry) James

Naked Lunch

(William) Burroughs

The House of Mirth

(Edith) Wharton

The Bell Jar

(Sylvia) Plath


(Ben) Jonson

The Little Prince

(Antoine de) Saint-Exupery

From Here to Eternity

(James) Jones


(William Cullen) Bryant


(John) Keats

The Four Quartets

(T.S.) Eliot


(Allen) Ginsberg

The Song of Roland


The Bronze Horseman

(Aleksandr) Pushkin

Out of Africa

(Isak) Dinesen

The Mayor of Casterbridge

(Thomas) Hardy

Songs of Innocence

(William) Blake

The Lower Depths

(Maksim) Gorky

Troilus and Cressida

(William) Shakespeare


(Jean-Paul) Sartre

Look Homeward, Angel

(Thomas) Wolfe

An Essay on Criticism

(Alexander) Pope

Ode to the West Wind

(Percy Bysshe) Shelley

John Brown's Body

(Stephen Vincent) Benet

Crossing the Bar

(Alfred, Lord) Tennyson

The Ballad of Reading Gaol

(Oscar) Wilde

When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd

(Walt) Whitman

The Bells

(Edgar Allan) Poe

Rob Roy

(Sir Walter) Scott

Adam Bede

(George) Eliot

The Children's Hour

(Lillian) Hellmann

The Playboy of the Western World

(John Millington) Synge

Light in August

(William) Faulkner

The Awakening

(Kate) Chopin

The Crying of Lot 49

(Thomas) Pynchon

The Golden Bowl

(Henry) James

The Pioneers

(James Fenimore) Cooper


(Samuel) Butler


(E.L.) Doctorow

Tobacco Road

(Erksine) Caldwell

Cannery Row

(John) Steinbeck

The Castle of Otranto

(Horace) Walpole

The Castle

(Franz) Kafka

The Old Curiosity Shop

(Charles) Dickens


("Leo") Tolstoy

Bleak House

(Charles) Dickens

Strange Interlude

(Eugene) O'Neill

The Inspector General

(Nikolai) Gogol

A Shropshire Lad

(A.E.) Housman

The Wind in the Willows

(Kenneth) Grahame

The Wild Duck

(Henrik) Ibsen

The Bostonians

(Henry) James

The Octopus

("Frank") Norris

Dies Irae

Thomas of Celano

The Emperor of Ice-cream

(Wallace) Stevens

Barbara Fritchie

(John Greenleaf) Whittier

To A Skylark

(Percy Bysshe) Shelley

The Bridge

(Hart) Crane


(Ralph) Ellison

The Dunciad

(Alexander) Pope

The Kalevala

(Elias) Lonnrot

Battle Hymn of the Republic

(Julia Ward) Howe

The Hollow Men

(T.S.) Eliot

On First Looking into Chapman's Homer

(John) Keats

In Memoriam

(Alfred, Lord) Tennyson

Absalom and Achitophel

(John) Dryden


(Karel) Capek


(Henrik) Ibsen

Mother Courage and her Children

(Berthold) Brecht

The Idylls of the King

(Alfred, Lord) Tennyson

The Mousetrap

(Agatha) Christie

Tristram Shandy

(Laurence) Sterne

The Plague

(Albert) Camus

No Longer At Ease

(Chinua) Achebe

Show Boat

(Edna) Ferber

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

(Carson) McCullers


(Herman) Melville

The Naked and the Dead

(Norman) Mailer

A Man in Full

("Tom") Wolfe

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

(Stephen) Crane


(Thomas) Pynchon

Looking Backward

(Edward) Bellamy


(Sir Walter) Scott

The Moon and Sixpence

(W. Somerset) Maugham


(Thomas) Mann

The Emperor Jones

(Eugene) O'Neill



The Ballad of the Sad Cafe

(Carson) McCullers

Twice-Told Tales

(Nathaniel) Hawthorne

Songs of Experience

(William) Blake

The Secret Garden

(Frances Hodgson) Burnett


(Edward) Albee


(William) Shakespeare


(August) Wilson


(Archibald) MacLeish

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