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a localized accumulation of pus in a cavity formed by tissue disintegration


short and sever course


surgical removal of the apical portion of the tooth through a surgical opening made in the overlying bone and gingival tissues

apical curettage

surgical removal of infectious material surrounding the apex of the root


pertaining to disease symptoms that persist over a long time as in periodontal disease

control tooth

healthy tooth used as a standard to compare questionable teeth of similar size and stucture during pulp vitality testing


to remove or clean out the pulpal canal


a doctor specializing in dental pulp and periadicular tissues

gutta percha

plastic type of filling material used in endodontics


surgical separation of a multirooted tooth through the furcation area

indirect pulp cap

placement of a medicament over a partially exposed pulp

irreversible pulpitis

infectious condition in which the pulp is incapable of healing which would then require root canal therapy


not living, as in oral tissue and tooth structure


process of filling a root canal


technique of examining the soft tissue with the examiners hands or finger tips


examination technique that involves tapping on the incisal or occlusal surface of a tooth to assess vitality


making a hole as in breaking through and extending beyond the apex of the root

periodontal abcess

an inflammatory reaction to bacteria trapped in the periodontal sulcus


referring to the area of nerves, blood vessels and tissues that surrond the root of a tooth

periradicular abcess

an inflammatory reaction to pulpal infection

periradicular cyst

a cyst that develops at or near the root of a necrotic tooth

pulp cap

application of dental material to a cavity preparation with an exposed or nearly exposed dental pulp


complete removal of vital pulp from a tooth


inflammation of the dental pulp


removal of the coronal portion of a vital pulp from a tooth

retrograde restoration

small restoration place at the apex of a root

reversible pulpitis

form of pulpal inflammation in which the pulp may be salvageable

root amputation

removal of one or more roots without removal of the crown of the tooth

root canal therapy

removal of the dental pulp and filling of the canal with material

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