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Finally, when Jesus was 30 years old, the time came to do God's special work. Jesus left his hometown of Nazareth to begin his preaching ministry. The first place Jesus went was to the Jordan River where his cousin, John, was preaching. Jesus knew that John was telling people that they needed to repent and have soft hearts towards God.
Jesus came to the Jordan River and asked to be baptised. John could not believe it! Other people needed to get baptised, but not Jesus! That just did not seem right. Baptism was for people who had sinned and then repented. Jesus was special. Jesus had never sinned. John did not understand why Jesus wanted to get baptised.
John said to Jesus, "I should not baptise you. You should baptise me instead!"
But John did not understand. Jesus knew he should be baptized. He was not being baptised because he had done something wrong. Jesus just knew that it was right to be baptized and he wanted to do everything that was right. Jesus wanted everyone to know that he chose to do everything right and follow God.
So John took Jesus down into the Jordan River and baptized him. He put Jesus all the way under the water and then pulled him back up again.
John had baptized many people but this time something was very different. Something very special happened. The clouds began to move apart and the sky opened up. The Holy Spirit came down out of heaven like a beautiful dove and landed on Jesus. The voice of God also came from heaven. God said, "This is my Son and I love him. I am very pleased with him."
Now John knew for sure that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus was the Messiah who came to save the world. Jesus was the King of the Jews. God loved the world so much that he had sent his son, Jesus, to the earth.