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New Testament Chapter 2

Galilee, Samaria, Judea
What are the three main regions of Palestine?
Which region of Palestine was the northernmost region and was the fertile farming and fishing land where Jesus grew up and was also made up of mainly Jews mixed with some northern Gentiles?
Which city in southern Galilee was the capital city under Herod Antipas?
Which city in southern Galilee was the small town in which Jesus grew up?
Sea of Galilee
This was a significant resource for the regions of Galilee and was the site of the miracles and the calling of the disciples.
Which region of Palestine was caught in the middle and had some foreigners who intermarried with Jews and they also had some Jewish practices but they were despised by real Jews for their differences?
Mount Gerizim
What was the site of Samaritan worship in that was destroyed by the Jews in 128 BC?
What was the capital city of Samaria?
Which region of Palestine was the high and dry southern region which was populated by Jews back from Babylonian captivity and was also home to the Jewish leaders and the temple?
Which city was the capital of Judea along with having a population of over 60,000 and having the temple?
Which city in Judea was the 2nd largest city in Palestine and was the site of the Israelite invasion?
Which city in Judea was the birthplace of Jesus?
What language, spoken by Jesus, was most likely a "back-country" Galilean dialect which was looked down upon?
Hebrew and Greek
What other two languages besides Aramaic did Jesus probably speak?
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
What is INRI the Latin abbreviation for?
be open
What does ephpatha mean?
little girl, get up
What does Talitha koum mean?
What does Abba mean?
house of prayer, place of discussion for legal issues, local school
What were the three functions of the synagogue?
How many times a year was it recommended that Jews go to Temple?
Church system
Which part of Catholicism is based on the synagogues?
Who ruled Palestine during the time of Jesus?
peace of Rome
What does pax romana mean?
Herod the Great
What man ruled Palestine as a puppet king and Matthew said he tried to kill male babies?
Herod Antipas
Which man killed John the Baptist while ruling Palestine?
Under the rule of which king did the Jews first think that God would send them a Messiah to usher in a new kingdom?
What was the Messiah associated with in the century leading up to Jesus?
respected it and did not want to destroy it
How did Jesus regard the Law (Torah)?
2nd century BC
Around what time did the Jews begin believing in resurrection?
What was the firs biblical reference to resurrection?
Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots
What are the four main Jewish sects?
Romans, Gentiles, Samaritans
What are the three non-Jewish sects that were pertinent in the time of Jesus?
priests and aristocrats
What type of people mainly made up the Sadducees?
Destruction of the temple
What caused the Sadducees to lose their power?
What was the law-making body and Supreme Court of Judaism made up by Sadducees and a few Pharisees?
separated one
What does the term Pharisee mean?
Where did the Sadducees center their activities?
What was the only thing the Sadducess accepted as the inspired scripture?
resurrection, immortality of the soul, angels
Which parts of the afterlife did the Sadducees not believe in?
human freewill and responsibility
What did the Sadducees trust over divine providence?
separating themselves from ordinary religious practices
How did the Pharisees come into being?
Despite their relatively small number of followers, the Pharisses had great influence. About how many followers did they have?
Jesus' beliefs and spiritual practices most closely paralleled which religious sect?
Which religious sect was an apocalyptic group who believed that God would usher in his kingdom through a dramatic or even catastrophic event?
strict and pure
What type of lives did the Essenes live, hoping that it would help them be on Yahweh's side when the Apocalypse came?
John the Baptist
Who did the Essenes possibly influence?
Destruction of the Temple
What caused the Essenes to disappear?
Which of the religious sects was an organized revolutionary faction who came into existence during the 1st Jewish War?
What type of Messiah did the Zealots expect?
Where were the Zealots banned from after their 2nd revolt?
John Hyrcanus
Who led the destruction of Mount Gerizim by the Jews?
Which non-Jewish sect of Palestine was classified as all "non-Jews" and eventually as all "non-Christians?"
What does the name Gentiles mean?
What is the name for Gentiles who converted to Judaism or Christianity?
Jews called Gentiles shkutz. What does that mean?