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relative frequency
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To help assess student learning in her developmental art courses, an art professor at a community college implemented​ pre- and​ post-tests for her developmental art students. A​ knowledge-gained score was obtained by taking the difference of the two test scores. What type of experimental design is this? What is the response variable in this experiment? What is the treatment?Match pair. difference in test score Art courseA frequency distribution lists the____________of occurrences of each category of​ data, while a relative frequency distribution lists the__________of occurrences of each category of data.number proportionA bar graph is _____________________ representation of the frequency or relative frequency of the category. The _________ represent the frequency category or relative frequency.horizontal and vertical heightclassesare the category by which date are groupskew rightskew left distributionbell shape distributionDid any students have an IQ of 160?no, there is no frequency of IQ greater than 160.The following graph shows the median earnings for females from 2005 to 2009 in constant 2009 dollars. Complete parts ​(a) and​ (b) below. The graph start at 34,500 dollar, identify the problem on the data.the number start at 34,500 instead of 0.This tends to indicate that the median earnings for females changed at a faster rate than it actually did.Constant Datainformation that does not change over time.A newspaper article claimed that the afternoon hours were the worst in terms of robberies and provided the graph to the right in support of this claim. Explain how this graph is misleading. identify the problem in the data.every other time interval are 3 hour apart except the time interval from 12 to 6 has six hours in between.The safety manager at Bumbler Enterprises provides the graph shown on the right to the plant manager and claims that the rate of worker injuries has been reduced by 67% over a​ 12-year period. Does the graph support his​ claim? Explains.Check to make sure the data start with 0, otherwise it distorts the percent of change in vertical scale of the data.