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Fourteen Points

def-woodrow wilson's plan for world peace after WW1.
sig- Although wilson felt his plan would be a great alternative to the treaty of versailles he couldnt step on the any ones toes and go over to a foriegn country telling them what they should do, so he watched the T.O.V crummble.

War guilt clause

def-declared germany and austria were responsible for WW1 .
sig- Germany was forced to accept blame. This ties germany down for a bit but they are still strong and ll this does is anger them


def-The revolution of the armal convey and weapons.
sig- can prevent anymore wars or battles.

Polish corridor

def- gave poland land from germany.
sig- fuelled german of poland and versailles

John Maynard Keynes

def- was an english economist with input on the t.o.v.
sig-In an written document he denounced the t.o.v because of the economic consequences. This document got out to the public and the caused a rukus because the people relized that this may be true.

Wiesbaden Accords

def-france agreed to "security, aid,help" germany with the reparations.
sig-agreed to take payment in raw materials and other things such as industrial products

Passive resistance

def- a "peaceful" way of resisting a government.
sig- a non-violent approach to not adhearing to the law.When france tried to overtake germany, they used passive resistance and didn't work. crashed the economy.

Dawes plan

def- A plan to revive the german economy.
sig- Circular flow of foriegn aid back to the U.S all going into germany basically. Ultimately it caused bigger problems any little bit of time that the economy was o.k in germany was just on the surface.

Young plan

def- lowered german reperations and limits how long they had to be.
sig- this plan failed, so germany did'nt have to pay.

Locarno Pact

def- germany and other european nations wanted/agreed to settle disputes peacefully.
sig- germany going league of nations disbanded.

Kellog-briand pact

def- agreement signed in 1928 in which nations agree to pose the threat of war against one another.
sig- ww2 due to this pact was delayed and happened later.

Weimar Republic

def- new democratic government of germany.
sig- It failed and german was placed underneath all burdens.


def-was a major stabbing in the back.
sig- was ultimately blamed on the jews
and WR

National socialist german workers party

def-made up, consisting of the nazi party.
sig-bender to WW2.

Anton drexler

def- founder of the nazi party.
sig- hitler took over and made it a stonger group controlling germany and ww2.




def- the terrorist wing of nazis.
sig- usual by nazi party to put down opposition.

Kapp putsch

def- right wing radical revolt against weimar government.
sig- nobody was about to take over.

Beerhall putsch

def- nov.9, 1923 hitlers organiizing a march on berlin. police stop it by the time it began, hitler & G retreat to a beerhall.
sig- at the beerhall they take their last stand but are subducted, causes hitler to write meinkempf.

Paul von hidenburg

def-became pres. of WR in 1925 was a field marshal, very respected and strong willed.
sig-slowed down the right wing's violence gave the apperance of political stability, established economic stability.


def- the german army barley-tolerated by weimar republic.
sig- weakened the government and supporter of hitler and what he appeared to be fighting, yearning for.

Heinrich bruning

def- Chancellor of germany; 1930 was a social conservative smart and tough. Had to fix the economic crisis by sound economy promises.
sig- He hurt the people by stopping unemployment benefits and social welfare programs. "Hungar chancelllor"

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