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Chapter 5 Tissues

Anatomy Test 2
Collections of specialized cells and cell products that perform a relatively limited number of functions are called _____.
Tissue that is specialized for the conduction of electrical impulses is ______ tissue.
Basement Membrane
Epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue by _____.
Osseous Tissue
Each of the following is a primary tissue type, except _____.
The muscle tissue which shows no striations is _____ muscle.
The fibrous components of connective tissue are produced by _____.
They cover surfaces subjected to mechanical or chemical stress.
Which of the following is not a correct statement about simple epithelia?
The proteoglycan, chondroitin sulfate would be found in the matrix of _____.
Proliferation of epidermal cells
Tissue changes with age include all of the following, except _____.
Simple squamous epithelium
The heart and blood vessels are lined by _____.
The basic shapes of epithelial cells include all of the following, except _____.
Cells that store fat are called _____.
A pseudostratified epithelium is always ______.
Of the following basic types of tissue, the one with the least extracellular material is _____.
Cell junctions occur in which plasma membrane of epithelial cells?
Fat is a form of _____ tissue.
They are a specialized type of connective tissue.
All of the following are true of neurons, except that _____.
All of the above
Functions of connective tissue include _____.
Serous membranes
The reduction of friction between parietal and visceral surfaces of an internal cavity is the function of _____.
The most common type of cartilage is _____ cartilage.
Reticular connective
The framework or stroma of organs such as the spleen, liver, and lymph nodes is made up of _____ tissue.
Which of the following terms refer to a reversible change in the normal shape, size, and organization of tissue cells?
Deep fascia
Which of the following refers to the dense connective tissue that forms the capsules that surround many organs?
Cartilage is separated from surrounding tissues by a fibrous _____.
Storing energy reserves
Functions of epithelia include all of the following, except _____.
Epithial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them for _____.
Tissue that is specialized for contraction is _____ tissue.
Simple squamous epithelium
They type of epithelium that is found lining internal body compartments and blood vessels is _____.
Epithelial tissue
Tissue that always has a free surface exposed to the internal or external environment is _____.
Areolar tissue
Each of the following is an example of dense connective tissue, except _____.
Lining the urinary bladder
A transitional epithelium would be found _____.
Basal lamina
A layer of glycoproteins and a network of fine protein filaments that prevents the movement of proteins and other large molecules from the connective tissue to epithelium describes _____.
Cartilage is avascular
Why does damaged cartilage heal slowly?
Goblet cells
The only example of unicellular exocrine glands are ____.
Of the following, the tissue with the greatest capacity for regeneration is _____.
Simple tubular
A sweat gland in the skin is a/an _____ gland.
Stratified columnar
An epithelium in which the basal layer of cells is cuboidal and the apical layer of cells is columnar is a _____ epithelium.
Goblet cells
Which of the following is not associated with connective tissue?
A mast cell
A cell that secretes the inflammatory mediator histamine is _____.
A tissue that is truly a liquid is _____.
Elastic fiber
Only one type of fiber in connective tissue can be stretched like rubber to 150 percent of its resting length and then return to that length. This fiber is the _____.
The embryonic tissue that is most similar to the adult connective tissues, consisting of star-shaped cells separated by large amounts of extracellular matrix, is _____.
Stratified cuboidal
When unstretched, transitional epithelium looks most like _____ epithelium.
Compound alveolar
Mammary glands of the breasts are _____ glands.
Adipose cell
Of the following cells in connective tissue proper, the only one not involved with defense against disease is _____.
Formation of scar tissue is ______.
One could argue that the only basic tissue that contains capillaries is _____.
Endocrine gland
A structure that secretes hormones into the blood is _____.
In connective tissue, extracellular matrix is not exactly the same as ground substance, for the matrix also contains _____.
Despite their name, many types of cell junction are not very strong at holding cells together. The cell junctions that best keep cells from being pulled apart are _____.
manufacture antibodies
The function of plasma cell is _____.
It might be argued that all the defense mechanisms in areolar connective tissue act to prevent infection from reaching which other tissue type?
Nucleus of an adipocyte
Of the following, the only structure that is not a cell is _____.
Tight junction
They type of cell junction that closes off the space between epithelial cells, thereby limiting the passage of small molecules, is the _____.
In connective tissues, the main extracellular material for resisting tension is _____.
In the following list of tissue components, the only true cell is _____.
Inflammation occurs in which type of tissue?
Target organ
A hormone signals a response from _____.
The type of cell junction that permits small sugar molecules and ions to pass from the cytoplasm of one cell to that of another is a _____.
Simple squamous
The thinnest type of epithelium is _____.
Sometimes people confuse a cell with a tissue or with a part of a cell. Of the following, the only true cell is _____.
Dense regular
Ligaments consist primarily of which kind of connective tissue?
Areolar connective tissue
Fat tissue is most similar to which tissue type?
Fixed macrophages
Cells that remove damaged cells or pathogens from connective tissue are _____.
Plasma cells
Antibodies are produced by _____.
Male reproductive system
Examination of a tubular structure with the electron microscope reveals a lining of cells with stereocilia. This tissue is from the _____.
Watery perspiration is an example of a _____ secretion.
Exhibit polarity
Cells that are specialized for secretion _____.
Heparin; histamines
Two secretions of mast cells are _____ and ______.
The cilium has a pair of microtubules in its center, but the core of the centriole does not
Which of the following is true concerning the arrangement of microtubules in a centriole compared to that in the core of a cilium?
A basal lamina plus a layer of reticular fibers equals a basement membrane
The difference between a basal lamina and a basement membrane is that _____.
Gap junction
A connexon is part of a _____.
Dense connective tissue
Fibrous tissue is another name for _____.
Use logic to deduce which of the following tissues is on the anterior surface of a person's eyeball.
Close examination of an organ reveals a lining of several layers of cells. The layers do not contain any blood vessels and one surface of the cells is open to the internal cavity of the organ. This tissue is probably _____.