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Anatomy 2 Test

The major part of its makeup is adipose

The reason the hypodermis acts as a shock absorber is that _____.

Arrector pilli

When one develops "goose bumps" on the skin, this is due to action of the _____.


The _____ has two layers.


Specialized phagocytic cells are called _____ cells.


_____ are an important epidermal cell because they produce a fibrous protein that gives the skin much of its protective properties.


Spidery-shaped cells in contact with cells in the stratum basale are called _____.

Male hormones

Male pattern baldness has a genetic switch that turns on in response to _____.

accumulate the melanin granules on their superficial portion, forming a UV-blocking pigment layer

Melanocytes and keratinocytes work together in protecting the skin from UV damage when keratinocytes _____.

Dermal papillae

The papillary layer of the dermis is connective tissue heavily invested with blood vessels. The superficial surface has structures called:

Fingernails are a modification of the epidermis

Which of the following statements best describes what fingernails actually are?

Subaceous glands

Acne is a disorder associated with _____.

Fibroblasts, macrophages, and mast cells

The dermis is a strong, flexible connective tissue layer. Which of the following cell types are likely to be found in the dermis?


Sweet tastes salty because of its _____.

Stratum germinativum

The layer of the epidermis that contains melanocytes is the _____.

Stratum lucidum

An epidermal layer found only in the skin of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet is the _____.

On the palms of the hands

The highest concentration of merocrine sweat glands would be found _____.


The layer of the skin that provides protection against bacteria as well as chemical and mechanical injuries is the _____.

Vitamin D

An important vitamin that is formed in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight is _____.

Decreases in concentration within cells during exposure to the sun

All of the following are true of the pigment melanin, except that it _____.

Is attached to the dermis by a basement membrane

All of the following are true of the subcutaneous layer, except:

produces the body odor characteristic of "sweating"

All of the following are true of perspiration Produced by merocrine sweat glands, except that it _____.


Glands that discharge an oily secretion into hair follicles are _____ glands.


An albino individual lacks the ability to produce lacks the ability to produce ____.


The pale, crescent-shaped area at the base of a nail is called the _____.


The most abundant cells in the epidermis are _____.


The layer of the skin that contains the blood vessels and nerves closest to the surface of the skin is the _____ layer.

Synthesis of vitamin C

Each of the following is a function of the integumentary system, except ______.

Cool the surface of the skin

The primary function of sensible persperation is to _____.


Water loss due to interstitial fluid penetration through the surface of the skin is termed _____ perspiration.

Merocrine sweat

Sensible perspiration is produced by _____ glands.

Apocrine sweat

Most body odor is the result of bacterial metabolism of the secretions produced by _____ glands.

Can result in damage to the DNA of cells in the stratum germinativum

Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light _____.

Catastrophic fluid loss

What is the first threat to life from a massive third-degree burn?

Eyebrow follicles are only active for a few months

Eyebrow hairs are always shorter than hairs on your head because _____.

Corneum, granulosum, spinosum, basale

A needle would pierce the epidermal layers of the forearm in which order?

Four different cell shapes found in five distinct layers, each cell shape with a special function

The epidermis is responsible for protecting the body against invasion of bacteria and other foreign agents primarily because it is composed of _____.

Kinky hair has flat, ribbonlike hair shafts

Which statement correctly explains why hair appears the way it does?

Allow the hair to assist in touch sensation

The function of the root hair plexus is to _____.

Vernix caseosa

_____ is a whitish material produced by fetal sebaceous glands.

The appearance of visible, silvery-white scars is an indication of streching of the dermis

Despite its apparent durability, the dermis is subject to tearing. How might a person know that the dermis has been stretched and/or torn?

Lamellated granules of the cells of the stratum granulosum, a glycolipid that is secreted into extracellular spaces

Water loss through the epidermis could cause a serious threat to health and well-being. Which of the following protects us against excessive water loss through the skin?

Reticular layer

The dermis has two major layers; whih of the following constitutes 80% of the dermis and is responsible for the tension lines in the skin?


______ is an inherited condition that affects the heme pathway; it leaves the skin scarred and gums degenerated, and may have led to the folklore about vampires.

The skin takes on a bronze or metallic appearance

Changes in the color of skin are often an indication of a homeostatic imbalance. Which of the following changes would sugges that a patient is suffering from Addison's disease?


If a splinter penetrated the skin into the second epidermal layer of the sole of the foot, which cells would be damaged?

Penetrate to the level of the capillaries

In order for bacteria on the skin to cause an infection in the skin, they must accomplish all of the following, except _____.

Scalp hairs grow constantly throughout life

Each of the following statements concerning hair is true, except one. Identify the exception.

thinning of the epidermis and decline of the protein elastin

Wrinkles and sagging skin in elderly individuals are the result of _____.


Furuncles or boils are abscesses of _____ glands.

Blood flow to the skin increases

Which of the following happens if body temperature rises above normal?

Scab, Granulation, Contraction, Divide

The following are stages in the regeneration of skin following an injury.

Scar tissue

_____ is the result of an abnormally large number of collagen fibers and relatively few blood vessels at the repair site.

resident macrophage-like cells whose function is to ingest antigenic invaders and present them to the immune system

Although the integument is a covering, it is by no means simple, and some of its functions include _____.

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