French and Indian War Set 1 of 2- Fourth Grade 3/11

43 terms by tjcollins

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Nathan Fourth Grade Social Studies 3/11


They controlled 13 colonies along the Atlantic Coast


Needed more land for the ever-growing number of people coming from Europe


They had spent a great deal of money and materials on keeping the colonies secure during the war

Great Britain (England)

This country started the 13 colonies

Great Britain (England)

This country won most of the land in North America after the French and Indian War

Great Britain (England)

This country spent a lot of money during the war in order to secure the colonies

George Washington

An American who warned General Braddock about the French and Indians

General Braddock

A British general who was defeated, then died in the Fench and Indian War on his way to capture Foirt Duquesne

General Forbes

A British general who made a trail into PA in order to attack Fort Duquesne

Colonel Bouquet

A British general who surprised Chief Pontiac and his warriors at Bushy Run


He was the leader of the Indians and was defeated by Colonel Bouquet at Bushy Run


This country explored the Ohio River and built forts for the fur trading business


This country lost almost all of their land in North America after the war


This country was mostly interested in fur trading


They explored the Ohio River and Allegheny River Valleys and had built forts there


They carried on a fur trade with the Indians


They lost their land holdings in North America at the end of the war


They were angry over land deals which cheated them


They traded mostly with the French


They were moved farther west into the Ohio territory


They were more interested in trading with the French because the British wanted their land


They were angry that land was taken from them; they were cheated


They moved farther west as a result of land taken from them

Governor Dinwiddie

He was the governor of Virginia who sent George Washington to Fort LeBoeuf to deliver a letter to the French

St. Pierre

He was the French leader at Fort LeBoef

George Washington

He warned the French at Fort LeBoef

George Washington

His army built Fort Necessity

George Washington

He warned General Braddock to beware of the hiding of the French and Indians in the wilderness

General Braddock

He tried to capture Fort Duquesne, but died of battle wounds before reaching the fort

General Forbes

He constructed a large trial into western PA in order to attack Fort Duquesne

General Forbes

He took control of the Forks of the Ohio

Colonel Bouquet

He led troops from Carlisle to Fort Pitt to stop Indian raids

Colonel Bouquet

He surprised Chief Pontiac and his warriors at Bushy Run


He was the leader of the Indians against the British


He was defeated by Colonel Bouquet at Bushy Run

Christopher Gist

He was Washington's guide on his trip to Fort LeBoeuf

Fort Necessity

It was built hastily by Washington, and it was taken by the French

Marquis Duquesne

He was the govenor of New France

Fort Pitt

It was built by the British near the location of the defeated Fort Duquesne

Fort Duquesne

It was built by the French at the forks of the Ohio


He was an Indian who was against the French takeover of the land; he went with Washington on the trip to Fort LeBoef

Coulon de Jumonville

He was a French commander killed in a surprise attack by Washington's men; this attack began the war

Bushy Run

This is the battle where Bouque defeated Pontiac; it helped to stop the Indian raids in the frontier

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