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Cardiology Module 12, Lesson 7; Cardiac Conduction and Cardiac Cycle

cardiac conduction

electrical impulses generated by specialized nodal tissue that travel through the heart wall

causing the myocardium to contract the heart chambers in a coordinated fashion

sinoatrial (SA) node

fires an electrical impulse that travels through the walls of the atria, signaling both the atria to contract and push blood into the ventricles

lies in the upper right atrium

sends impulse to the AV node

atrioventricular (AV) node

receives impulse from SA noded

lies between the atria and the ventricles

holds the electrical impulse for a fraction of a second allowing the atria to relax

sends the impulse down to the atrioventricular bundle

atrioventricular bundle (Bundle of His)

receives impulse from AV node

branches into the Purkinje fibers at the bottom of the ventricles

Purkinje fibers

signal both the ventricles to contract and push blood out to the lungs and to the rest of the body

cardiac cycle

the events that occur when the heart beats

heart beat

when the atria contract at the same time as the ventricles relax

beats about 60-80 times per minute

sinus rhythm

sequence of contraction and relaxation of the heart chambers


refers to the contraction of the chambers


refers to the relaxation of the ventricles

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