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A member of a catholic religious order


One of the Spanish soldiers who sought riches and power for Spain, in the conquest of the Americas


A fovernor who rules as a representative of a king or sovereign


A religious settlement


an enclosure of posts made to form a defense (used by the French)


A Native American village with joined, flat-roofed buildings (adobe)


A group of advisors


A Spanish Military outpost


A city council


The chief official of a Apanish town


A person of mixed blood, usually Spanish and Native American


One district of a country


At first, the Aztecs welcomed Cortes becasue they thought he was

Adopting to the ways of the Karankawa

After becoming shipwrecked, Cabeza de Vaca survived by

Inspired other conquistadors to explore and look for gold

How did the success of Cortes in Mexico affect other conquistadors

Alvarez de Pineda

Who sailed along the Gulf of Mexico and Mapped the coastline?

Cabeza de Vaca

Who spent 6 years among the Karankawa?


Who was the first black man in Texas?

Spain, England, and France

What three countries were competing for power in the 1500s?

God, Gold, and Glory

What were three things Spainsh conquistadors were looking for?


In what year did Cortes land in Mexico?


What was the name of the Aztec emperor?


What was the name of the Aztec city that Cortes built Mexico City over?

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