Unit 1 Review

Use this study set to review before taking the Unit 1 Assessment.
rising action
The part of the plot where the suspense builds and conflict becomes more difficult
when an author gives hints or clues about something that will happen later in the story
falling action
the part of the plot that immediately follows the climax and shows how the main character resolves the conflict
the most exciting part and a turning point in the story; towards the end
when you use hints from the text along with your background knowledge to "read between the lines" and draw conclusions
part of the plot that is the beginning, where you get information about the characters and setting
internal conflict
a type of conflict that is within a character when a choice or decision has to be made
external conflict
a type of conflict that happens between two or more characters
another words for "problem" or "issue"
a type of conflict that happens between a character and nature (hurricane, flood, tornado)
words that have similar meanings (example: big and large)
the final stage on a plot line where it reveals how everything turns out (the "rest" of the story)
the name for where and when a story takes place
A sign reading, "Beware of dogs" could be an example of what?
It's raining
If someone comes into the house soaking wet, what inference could you make?
They won
If the Iowa Hawkeye fans are smiling and cheering after a game, what inference could you make?
context clues
What is it called when you use the words and phrases around a new word to help figure out its meaning?
internal conflict
If a person is struggling to overcome an addiction, what type of conflict would that be?
external conflict
What type of conflict would it be if one student is bullying another student because of his clothes?
sequence of events
Phrases like "The next night" and "In February" help the reader determine what?