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Unit 3, Early Explorers, Part II

Because many tribes were constantly at war with one another
Why did the coastal natives ask Cabeza de Vaca to trade for them?
As a slave
How was Cabeza de Vaca treated at first by the natives?
To learn how to escape from the Natives
What was Cabeza de Vaca's "principle objective" in becoming a trader?
Performed surgery on a person
What action did Cabeza de Vaca take to help the Indian who was suffering from an arrow wound?
What did Cabeza de Vaca call the buffalos?
To find gold and riches
What was Coronado's primary motivation behind his expedition?
Flat, disorienting, and featureless
How would Coronado have described the plains?
By counting their steps
How did Coronado's men keep track of how far they have traveled?
A Native American Guide for Coronado
Who was Turk?
A Native American guide who did not get along with Turk
Who was Ysopete?
He was killed by the Spaniards.
What happedend to Turk?
So they would become weak and be easier to fight
Why did Turk lead the Spaniards onto the plains of Texas?
By cutting off their water source, a blockade, and attacking by land and water.
How did the Spaniards defeat the Aztec army?
What did La Salle name the area he claimed for France?
Ft. St. Louis
What was the name of the Stockade La Salle built near present day Matagorda Bay?
by inspiring others to explore the Americas
How did the success of Cortes in Mexico affect other Spanish explorers?
Coronado, Cabeza de Vaca, Luis de Moscoso
Name three Spanish conquistadors who explored southwestern U.S.
A golden city in the distance
What did Fray Marcos claimed to have seen?