17 terms


mental status exam
quick and dirty, i.e., use appearance to judge mental state, or talk to someone to see if they have organized thinking; sensorium- orientation to time and place; vocab- use context
diagnostic interview
looks at history of symptoms
physical assessment
blood work- check to see if person is on substance,
neurological exam
check for brain involvement
personality testing-projective testing
TAT (Thematic Aptitude Test) show pictures and have them tell a story subjective
objective testing
unambiguous stimuli- constrained response- direct question truefalse answer
warshaw testing
lots of questions
neurological testing
reaction testing, memory, can indicate dementia
higher order testing
IQ test
brain structure
physical structure of the brain- tomograhy & CAT scan
CAT scan
imaging tool- uses a lot of radiation
can construct an image of the brain
brain function
whats going on in the brain-
positive emissions tomography/mri
radioactive isotope (tracer substance- goes pass theblood brain barrier as glucose and highlights the targeted part of the brain
PET scan
fMRI functional
has you do tasks while getting the scan shows whats happening in the brain while you do a task
adoptee method