BIO 322 Leg

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tensor fasciae latae

lateral butt muscle that attaches to IT band (cut)

gluteas maximus

main butt muscle

gluteus medius

deep and superior to the gluteus maximus


under glut max; unusually split by sciatic nerve

superior gemelli

in the three muscles below the sciatic nerve, this is the top muscle; right below piriformis

obturator internus

in the three muscles below the sciatic nerve, this is the middle muscle

inferior gemelli

in the three muscles below the sciatic nerve, this is the bottom muscle

quadrates femoris

large muscle below inferior gemelli

superior gluteal vessels,nerve

( cut bundle) much smaller; located above piriformis

inferior gluteal vessels,nerve

(cut bundle) larger; points down; located near sciatic

sciatic nerve

this nerve unusually splits the piriformis muscle (large)

posterior femoral cutaneous nerve

this nerve is also bundled with sciatic


most medial thigh muscle


top corner formed by Sartorius & pelvis


in the pelvis corner, just medial/under iliopsoas

adductor longus

just medial/under pectineus

adductor brevis

underneath/ b/w pectineus & adductor longus

adductor magnus

large muscle underneath/medial to longus

adductor hiatus

gap b/w add magnus & femur where femoral vessels go through


slender, long muscle that crosses over thigh

quadriceps femoris

the collective name for rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius

rectus femoris

top middle anterior thigh muscle

vastus lateralis

lateral anterior thigh muscle

vastus medialis

top, medial anterior thigh muscle

vastus intermedius

underneath, medial anterior thigh muscle

femoral n.

nerve that comes b/w psoas and iliacus; many branches

saphenous n.

branch of femoral nerve; cutaneous; dried; thru hiatus

greater saphenous vein

superficial vein cut near groin region

femoral vein

medial to artery; (snipped on one leg); main vein in the middle of thigh

femoral artery

lateral to vein; main artery in the middle of thigh

lateral circumflex femoral arter

branch of the deep femoral artery that goes to the side and has ascending, transverse, and descending branches

medial circumflex femoral artery

branch of the femoral artery that goes to the middle

deep femoral artery

branch of the femoral artery that goes deeper


smaller, medial posterior thigh. It has a longer tendon


larger; lateral posterior thigh

biceps femoris

muscle on the lateral side of posterior thigh. contains long head and short head

tibial nerve

the more medial division of the sciatic nerve (popliteal region)

common peroneal nerve

more lateral division of the sciatic nerve (popliteal region)

popliteal artery

continuation of femoral artery (after pops through) that splits> posterior and anterior tibial

tibialis anterior

largest muscle body; tendon >medial underside

extensor hallucis longus

underneath extensor digitorum longus & tibialis anterior; big toe

extensor digitorum longus

lateral to tibialis anterior; tendon goes to digits

peroneus tertius

under/lateral slip of extensor digitorum longus; tendon attaches to metatarsal

extensor digitorum brevis

muscle belly on top of foot; under EDL tendons

extensor hallucis brevis

muscle bello on top of foot; tendon to big toe

superficial peroneal nerve

branch of peroneal nerve to lateral side of leg

deep peroneal nerve

branch of peroneal nerve to medial side, lateral to big toe

anterior tibial artery

splits from posterior tibial artery below knee and pokes through to other side

peroneus longus

goes behind lateral malleolus and stops at the tarsal

peroneus brevis

goes behind lateral malleolus, crosses longus tendon, and stops at the tarsal

Lesser saphenous veinz

superficial vein, comes from the ankle region but is very dried out


top muscle of posterior lower leg; medial & lateral head


small muscle w/ long tendon (under grastrocnemius)


directly under gastrocnemius; larger

flexor hallucis longus

tendon goes around medial malleolus and underneath foot to big toe

flexor digitorum longus

body on medial side; tendon goes around medial malleolus and underneath foot to digits

tibialis posterior

middle, behind calcaneal tendon; tendon goes around medial malleolus and attaches to tarsals


small, diagonal, lies deep behind the knee;

posterior tibial artery

continuation of popliteal a.

anterior tibial artery

branch of the posterior tibial artery that goes anterior just after the knee

peroneal artery

lateral branch of the posterior tibial artery that is inferior to the anterior tibial artery branch

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