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Gluteus maximus

Large butt musce moves thigh

Gluteus medius

Midle musicle deep to maximus

Gluteus minimus

deepest and smallest butt muscle

Tensor fasciae latae

lateral to rectus embedded in iliotibial tract


Lateral rotators of the thigh

Fascia lata

connective tissue surrounding thigh

Iliotibial tract

thicken lateral portion of fascia lata tissue

Biceps femoris

Lateral two head extends thigh and flexes leg


Long tendon of insertion Back kneww area near thigh.


Medial extensive membrance tendon of orgin back knee area near thigh.

Rectus femoris

superficial muscle running straight along thigh flexes thigh and extends leg

Vastus lateralis

Lateral to rectus femoris

Vastus intermedius

deep to rectus

Vastus medialis

forms bulge on medial thigh medial to rectus


longest muscle in body lateral border of femoral triangle cross leg


postermedial adducts thigh


superior to adductor longus

Adductor longus

medial and forms medial border of femoral triangle

Adductor brevis

Not seen superior to magnus adducts the thigh

Adductor magnus

largest adductor deepest as well


medial to sartorius flexes thigh inside ilium

Psoas major

medial to illiacus on top of ilium

Tibialis anterior

Superficial large muscle lateral to anterior part of tibia produces dorsiflexion

Extensor digitorum longus

extends toes

Peroneus longus

superficial muscle moves foot

Peroneus brevis

deep to peroneus longus


Two headed superficial muscle forms prominent bulge upper calf produces plantar flexion


Broad muscle deep to Gastronemius

Tibialis posterior

lower calf deep to soleus

Flexor digitorum longus

Deep muscle lying against posterior tibia flexes toes


Achilles common tendon insertion for Triceps surae attactes to caleancus

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