Chapter 8 Test

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SeasonsThe year is divided into what?EvaporationThe water cycle includes precipitation, transpiration, condensation, and ________________SugarDuring respiration organisms use ________________ molecules and oxygen to produce energyTranspirationPlants release water vapor into the air through what?StressAny physical hazard to life caused by having too much or too little of things needed for life is called what?habitat destructionThe largest man-made stress is probably what?floodsWhenever an ecosystem receives more water than it can store our use what occurs?droughtWhenever an ecosystem receives less water than it needs, what occurs?SuccessionThe gradual changes in the populations of organisms in an ecosystem are called what?native speciesPlant and animal species that originally lived in an ecosystem are called what?extinctWhen the last known member of a species dies, the species is considered what?endangeredWhen the population of a species is so small that the species may soon become extinct, it becomes what?invasiveSpecies that are not native to an ecosystem and can cause harm are called what?It provides energy for the plants to make foodIn the carbon cycle what does the Sun do?In photosynthesis plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygenIn the carbon cycle what does photosynthesis (plants) do?Decomposition breaks down waist and the bodies of dead things returning carbon dioxide into the environmentIn the carbon cycle what does decomposition do?It does not have a definite beginning or endingHow is a drought different from other natural disasters?They create competition for food and water and diseasesWhat is one problem that invasive species can bring to an ecosystem?The plant might be an invasive speciesAfter coming back from an overseas trip, there are inspectors at the airport checking things that passengers are bringing from other countries. One inspector will not let a woman keep a potted plant. Why is she not allowed to bring the plant into the country?The animals take in oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide into the air and poop into the groundIn the carbon cycle what do the animals do?Replant trees, stop pollution, Make laws to control fishing and huntingWhat are some ways people can reduce the effects of man-made stresses on an ecosystem?Christians should take care of the ecosystem because God commanded them toWhat relationship should Christians have with the ecosystems?