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The tensions and hostilities evident in the US during the 1920's can be partially explained by...

the fear among native-born Americans that foreigners were destroying the AMerican way of life

In economic terms, the period of the 1920's in the US could be characterized by...

a second industrial revolution

the first organization to perfect the assembly line and mass production technology was...

Ford Motor Co.

As secretary of commerce during the 1920's Hoover...

emphasized organization and efficiency

During the 1920's progressivism in the US...

persisted despite an unfavorable environment

In general, Americans responded to the suffering they experienced during the Great Depression...

with a sense of guilt for their failure

An important factor in bringing about the depression in 1929 was the...

shallow and superficial nature of prosperity during the 1920's

President Hoover initially responded to the collapse of the American economy by...

supporting federal loans to farmers

Hoover failed as a presidential leader b/c...

his personality & background limited his actions

The New Deal was based upon...


As far a relief programs were concerned, FDR...

Preferred work relief

The New Deal attempted to revitalize American Industry through the...


An attempt by the New Deal to experiment with principles of regional planning was the...

Tennessee Valley Authority

Relative to the First New Deal, the Second New Deal...

responded to the demand for more social justice

With the passage of the Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act)

Labor obtained the support necessary for successfully organizing

During the presidential election campaign of the 1936, the Republican candidate...

charged the New Deal programs were wasteful

The Housing legislation promoted by the New Deal

Favored the purchase of suburban homes

During the 1930's American writers

often questioned the validity of the American Dream

In its relations with Latin America during the FDR administration, the US...

reversed the earlier policy of intervention in Latin America

FDR's decision to change America's foreign policy during the 1920's was based on...

aggression by certain European countries

As a result of their threat in 1941 to mobilize a march in Washington by 100,000 people, black leaders

obtained FDR's agreement to initiate a policy eliminating discrimination in the employment of defense workers

As part of the US military during WWII, women...

were given regular military status

Allied strategists in WWII decided

to concentrate their forces against the Germans first

During the FDR administration, the US agreed to abrogate the Platt Amendment, which meant that US...

would no longer directly interfere in Cuban affairs

When Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935, FDR used the Neutrality Act of that year to impose an arms embargo which...

prevented Americans from selling arms to either of countries of war

At the end of WWII, American policy makers generally envisioned a world...

secure for American trade

The essential issue in the Scopes Trial was whether..

Darwinian evolutionary science could be taught in public schools

H. L. Mencken

The American Mercury (magazine)

Many of the prominent writers in the 1920's were...

highly critical of traditional American "Puritanism" & small town life

FDR's presidential campaign in 1932

promised to aid the common man by balancing the federal budget & ending deficits

Eleanor Roosevelt made her influence felt in the 1930's as a particular champion of...

the impoverished & dispossessed

The Roosevelt landslide of 1932 included the shift into the Democratic camp of traditionally Republican...


Roosevelt's first bold action of the Hundred Days was...

declaring a national bank holiday

Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration (NRA) ended when...

the Supreme Court declared in unconstitutional

The so-called "Indian New Deal" included an emphasis on...

local tribal self-government & recovery of Native American identity & culture

The new labor organization that flourished under depression conditions & New Deal sponsorship was

the congress of Industrial Organizations

Roosevelt's attempt to "pack" the Supreme Court proved extremely costly b/c...

he lost much of the political momentum for the New Deal

As president, Warren G. Harding proved to be...

weak-willed & tolerant of corruption among his friends

The general approach of the federal government towards industry in the early 1920's was...

a weakening of federal regulation & lack of concern with social reform

Two groups who suffered sever political setbacks in the immediate post-World War I environment were...

Organized labor & blacks

Two terms that would characterized the general approach of the Harding & Coolidge administration toward foreign policy would be

Isolationism & disarmament

The proposed ratio of "5-5-3" in the Washington disarmament Conference or 1921-1922 referred to...

the allowable ratio of battleships & carriers among the US, Britain & Japan

The very high tariffs of the 1920's had the economic effect of...

causing the Europeans to erect their own tariff barriers & thus reduce international trade

The central scandal of the Teapot Dome involved members of Harding's cabinet who...

took bribes for leasing federal oil lands

Besides deep divisions within the Democratic Party, the election of 1924 revealed...

the weakness of pro-farmer & pro-labor Progressivism

Al Smith's Roman Catholicism & opposition to prohibition hurt him especially..

in the South

The election of Hoover over Smith in 1928 seemed to Represent a victory of...

big business & efficiency over over urban & Catholic values

The sky-high Hawley-Smoot Tariffof 1930 had the economic effect of

crippling international trade & deepening the Depression

Roosevelt's torpedoed the London Economic Conference in 1933 b/c

he was firmly committed to the gold standard

Seeking to withdraw from overseas commitments & colonial expense, the US in 1935 promised future independence to...

Puerto Rico

Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy toward Latin America included...

a renunciation of American intervention in Mexico or elsewhere in the region

The Neutrality Acts of 1935, 1936, and 1937 provided the...

no American could sail on a belligerent ship, sell munitions, or make loans to a belligerent

The effect of the strict American arms embargo on the civil war btwn the Loyalist Spanish government & Franco's Fascist rebels was

to cripple the Loyalist government while the Italians (Mussolini) & Germans (Hitler) armed Franco

The "destroyer-for-bases" deal of 1940 provided that

the US would give Britain fifty American destroyers in exchange for eight British bases

The twin event that precipitated the reversal of AMerican foreign policy from neutrality to active, though nonbelligerent, support of the Allies cause were...

the fall of France & the Battle of Britain

In the campaign of 1940, the Republican nominee Wilkie essentially agreed with Roosevelt on the issue of...

foreign policy

The Lend-Lease Act clearly marked...

the end of the pretense of American neutrality btwn Britain & Germany

By the fall of 1940, American warships were being attacked by German destroyers near the coast of...


Compared with British & Soviet women during WWII, more American women...

did not work for wages in the wartime economy

The wartime migration of rural African Americans to northern urban factories was greatly accelerated after the war by the invention of...

the mechanical cotton picker

Besides African Americans, another traditionally rural group who used service in the armed forces as a springboard to postwar urban life was...

Native Americans

The essential American strategy in the Pacific called for...

"Island hopping" by capturing only the most strategic Japanese bases and bypassing the rest

The country LEAST eager to establish a second front against Hitler in the west was...

Great Britain

The most difficult European fighting for Americans though most of 1943 occurred in...


Chronological Order #1

The Sacco & Vanzetti Trial, The Scopes Monkey Trial, The Stock Market Crash, The Scottsboro Boys Case, The Schecher v. US case

Chronological Order #2

Marcus Garvey & UNIA begins, Teapot Dome Scandal, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, First Hundred Days, WWII breaks out in Europe

Chronological Order #3

Harlem Renaissance reaches greatest height, Bonus March on Washington, CIO formed, FDR adopts Kenyesian economics, Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

Chronological Order #4

Hawley-Smoot Tariff passes, FDR defeats Hoover for Presidency, FDR's fireside chats begin, Social Security passes, Fair Labor Standards Act passes

Chronological Order #5

the Red Scare, Washington Navel Conference, Dawes Plan to revive Germany, the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the Atlantic Charter


Hoover- Agricultural Marketing Act
First New Deal- Agricultural Adjustment Act
Second New Deal- Social Security
Third New Deal- National Housing Act

Chronological Order #6

Hitler takes power in Germany, Spanish Civil War, Munich Conference, Nazi-Soviet non-aggression Pact, Germany invades Poland

Chronological Order #7

Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact, Germany invades Russia, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, Allies open second front in North America, D-Day

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