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  1. T/F. estimates of 1/3 to 2/3 of homeless people suffer from schizophrenia.
  2. What is derailment?
  3. What are illusions?
  4. What is formication?
  5. What are some characteristics of disorganized behavior?
  1. a It is a tactile hallucination-- often times described as "bugs crawling under my skin"
  2. b stereotypic movements
    rocking behavior
    catatonia (excitement/immobility!)
  3. c distortions of real images or sensations
  4. d true
  5. e a pattern of speech in which incomprehensible, disconnected, and unrelated ideas replace logical and orderly thought.

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  1. True
  2. -perceptions experienced without an external stimulus to the sense organs
    -have a quality similar to a true perception
  3. persecutory/paranoid
    delusions of reference
    delusions of being controlled
    delusions of mind reading
    thought broadcasting
    thought insertion
    thought control
    thought withdrawal
  4. bizarre : the delusion is clearly unlikely
    Non-bizarre: the delusion is theoretically posislbe
  5. --include
    1) ACTIVE psychotic symptoms for at least a month
    2) functioning below the highest level expected
    3) duration of illness for at least 6 mos (including prodromal or residual phases)

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  1. What is required in the active phase?1) Bizzare delusions OR hallucinations


    2) 2 or more of the following symptoms

    Disorganized speech
    Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
    negative symptoms (alogia, affective flattening, etc)

    -These symptoms must be present for a large part of the time during the 1 month ACTIVE period, at least.


  2. What are delusions?strong beliefs that are untrue and are contrary to a person's educational and cultural background


  3. What is characteristic of the catatonic type of schizophrenia?pre-occupation with one or more delusions or frequent auditory hallucinations [no disorganized speech, behavior, etc]


  4. What is echolalia?copying someone's sounds


  5. What is the co-morbidity of substance abuse [aka alcohol abuse or dependence] among schizophrenics?2 or more of the following:

    1) motoric immobility evidenced by catalepsy
    2) negativism or mutism
    3) excessive motor activity
    4) peculiar voluntary movements involving posture
    5) echopraxia- involuntary, repetitive movement
    6) echolalia- repeating what someone says-- automatically [almost like a parrot does!]