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  1. What is formal thought disorder?
  2. What are types of delusions?
  3. What is alogia?
  4. T/F A visual hallucination is not usually associated with an underlying medical issue.
  5. What are hallucinations defined as?
  1. a persecutory/paranoid
    delusions of reference
    delusions of being controlled
    delusions of mind reading
    thought broadcasting
    thought insertion
    thought control
    thought withdrawal
  2. b derailment
    pressure of speech
    loosening of association
    perseveration (repeating topics over and over again!)
    neologisms (new word that is not in mainstream vocabulary)
    can't think abstractly!
  3. c -perceptions experienced without an external stimulus to the sense organs
    -have a quality similar to a true perception
  4. d poverity of speech and thought-- it is a reduction in the quantity of thought.

    and we know this because we see:
    decreased fluency and productivity of speech.
  5. e False -- it is!

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  1. absence of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized speech or catatonic behavior!

    BUT will see presence of: negative symptoms or 2 or more symptoms used to diagnose schizo DMS-4 style.
  2. loss or reduction in capacity for experiencing pleasure
  3. social isolation or withdrawal
    impairment of functioning
    peculiar behaviors
    impaired personal hygeine
    blurred or inappropriate affect
    abnormal speech
    odd beliefs (superstitions, ESP)
    unusual perceptual experiences

    these symptoms [along with active symptoms] should be present continuously for 6 mos.
  4. copying someone's sounds
  5. anhedonia,
    affective flattening
    attentional deficity
    apathy and avolition

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  1. What is characteristic of the undifferentiated type?active psychotic symptoms== but does not meet criteria for other types!


  2. What are illusions?distortions of real images or sensations


  3. What are the typical stages of schizophrenia?Catatonic, Disorganized, Paranoid, Undifferentiated, Residual types


  4. What are delusions?distortions of real images or sensations


  5. What is avolition?reduction/loss of ability to initiate and persist in goal-directed activities