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Study guide for Ivy League WMS

The Bodhi Tree

The tree under which Siddhartha sat facing east until he obtained enlightenment

Bodh Gaya

The city near the Bodhi Tree from which the girl came to revive Siddhartha in his ascetic state


The deer path in which Buddha met with his former companions and converted them into his first disciples


Where Siddhartha was born (when his mother was traveling)


the kingdom where Siddhartha was raised


"Awakened One" the title Siddhartha is given once he obtains enlightenment

Siddhartha Gautama

the name of the Hindu prince who left everything behind and achieved enlightenment, then proceeded to teach others


Siddhartha's mother who died seven days after Siddhartha's birth

The Dream

Maya dreamed of a white elephant entering her side, this was interpreted as meaning her son would become either a great world leader or a great spiritual leader depending on whether or not he was exposed to suffering


Evil "Spirit of Temptation" who tried multiple times to veer Siddhartha off the path of enlightenment using his powers and his daughters


Companions of Siddhartha when he was living in the woods, then rejected him when he ate, then they became his first disciples

Siddhartha at 29

Siddhartha realized that his life was a pleasant prison of overindulgence and he decided to escape

Buddha's Death

caused by accidental food poisoning

The Middle Way

The point between a life of denial and indulgence. It is the line between all opposite extremes!


Where Buddha died

Lotus flowers

These bloomed at Buddha's feet when he was born, and remains a symbol of Buddhism today.

Caste system and sacrifices

Buddha rejected these 2 teachings because he found these to be useless or incorrect.

Laughing Buddha

Known as Budai in China, he was a monk who was known for his generosity and loving spirit.


The hand position statues on a statue of the Buddha

Four Noble Truths

The Buddha teaching that life has suffering and sorrow in it because of people's greedy desires for power, pleasures and possessions.

Eightfold Path

The lesson Buddha taught the world - the steps a person should follow in order to end suffering.

Right Speech

Not sharing gossip at lunch, but trying to be positive when speaking about others.

Right Action

Not killing a bug but releasing it into the yard when it's crawling across the floor.

Right Work

Making the decision to do a job that benefits society and brings people joy.

Right Mindfulness

Taking time to think through thoughts before they are spoken or acted upon - making sure they positive.

Right Concentration

Finding time in the day to be quiet, reflective and enjoy the silence.


Geometric designs made out of colored sand Buddhist monks use to inspire meditation and search for Enlightenment.

32 Marking on a statue of Buddha

Examples could be a wisdom bump on the head, upright posture, curls turned to the right, a "third eye" on the forehead.

Jataka Tales

Animal fables used to teach Buddha's message on good behavior.


A European group believed to have invaded the early Indian people. This history is now seen as incorrect.


four collections of sacred writings during an early time of settlement in India.


Hindu Priests - considered the highest caste


The lowest caste group- in which people were pitied, and ignored.


Release of the soul from reincarnation


Good or bad deeds, that may result into your next life


Hindu Creator God


Hindu Destroyer God


Hindu Protector God (Preserver)


To be enlightened; to be lifted from pain and suffering


Your duty, the rules you should follow for life


A social structure system a person is born into with strict rules on marriage, jobs and socializing.

Indus Valley

Early civilization that existed along the Indus River. It has an arid geography and productive economy.


The symbol for Hinduism. Means the creation of life.

Ganges River

Considered the "Liquid form of God". The most sacred river in India.


The belief that the soul is reborn when a body dies into a new life.


Postures that strengthen the mind and body to become disciplined.

Sacred Thread Ceremony

A ritual ceremony for Hindu boys to welcome them into the Hindu community.


The Hindu celebration for the New Year. This is celebrated with fireworks.


The welcoming of spring celebration in Hinduism. People throw colorful powder on each other and participate in colorful parades and parties.

Hindu Naming Ceremony

A Hindu baby will have their name whispered in their ear and the hair will be shaved representing the shaving of their past life.


The death ritual when the body is burned like wood. Many Hindus want their ashes released in the Ganges River.

Walking 7 times around the fire

This ritual is performed at Hindu wedding ceremonies .

Dalai Lama

A devout lama who is the Spiritual Guide for Buddhists today.

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