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  1. Estates
  2. Bishopric
  3. Feudalism
  4. Infidesl
  5. Papal States
  1. a Rome and its surrounding territories.
  2. b the three classes into which French society was divided before the revolution: the clergy (first), the nobles (second), and the townspeople (third).
  3. c An unbeliever, a term applied to the Muslims during the Crusades.
  4. d nobles offered protection and land in return for service.
  5. e a group of Christian communities, or parishes, under the authority of a bishop.

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  1. Germanic tribes from Denmark and Northern Germany who moved in and settled in Britain.
  2. under feudalism, a member of the heavily armored calvary.
  3. A man who seperates himself from ordinary human society in order to dedicate himself to God.
  4. a group of Christian communities
  5. a people from western Asia.

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  1. Chivalryin the Middle Ages, the ideal of civilized behavior that developed among the nobility.


  2. Schismthe head of a convent


  3. Popethe bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church.


  4. Countsacted as the king's representatives in local areas.


  5. Crusadesmilitary expeditions carried out by European Christians in the Middle Ages to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims.