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  1. A patient tells you that they do not have to urinate most of the day but has increase urine output at night you suspect
  2. heave or lift
  3. apical impulse seen
  4. what do you document for mumur
  5. normal rate of heart
  1. a loudness, and maximum possible II/VI
  2. b nocturia
  3. c 60-100
  4. d 5th ICS or just medial to
  5. e a sustaing forceful thrusting of the ventricle during systole, occures the ventirclar hypertrophy and increased workload. right heave is on sterna boarder and left is at the apex

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  1. fever, pregnancy, hyperthyoid, because increase flow; flow through irregular or contricted valve (stenosis or aotric stenosis); backward flow or regurgiatant flow
  2. aortic stenosis,common in older people hear best at 2nd ICS Right sternal borderand may radiate to the apex
  3. signals the on set of systole with the closing of the tricuspid and bicuspid valves or the AV valves due to a greater pressure in the ventricles from the maximun filling of blood
  4. the pressure is greatest in the part of the heart because it is bigger and it has to pump a greater distance
  5. aortic and plumonic stenosis

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  1. pitting edema +1mitral and tricupid insufficency


  2. bruita blowing, shoosing sound that occurs with turbulent blood flow in the heart of the great vessels


  3. MI (systolic)tricuspid vavle insufficency


  4. a thrill in the scond and third righ iterspaces occurs with severe aortic steosis ad sytemic hypertensionabnormal pulsation on teh precordium base


  5. S3 pathologicabnormal, in older adults, indicated decrease in compliance of ventricles may be early signs of heart failure