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  1. when mumurs are heard
  2. S3 pathologic
  3. pulsus paradoxus
  4. blood flow through the heart
  5. location of the heart
  1. a beat have weaker amplitude with inspiration stronger with expiration
  2. b liver -> to inferior VC->into RA->
    head->to superior VC->into RA->tricupsid valve->RV->plumonic valve->pulmonary artery->lungs-<pulmonary vein->LA->bicupsid valve->LV->aortic valve->aorta->body
  3. c between S1 and S2 systolic or between S2 and S1 diastolic
  4. d abnormal, in older adults, indicated decrease in compliance of ventricles may be early signs of heart failure
  5. e the heart extends from the second to the fifth inctercostal space and from the right border of the sternum to the left midclavicular line

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  1. at night at rest decrsed metabolic needs increased venous return to teh right atrium increasing urine formation
  2. serous fluid between the pericardium and the myocardium
  3. cardiac enlargement displaces the apical impulse laterally and over a wider areas when left ventricular hypertrophy and dilation are present. This is volum over load as in mitral regurgitaion , aortic regurgitation, and left to right shunts
  4. mitral and tricupid insufficency
  5. when there is 1/2 to 2/3 occlusion of the carotid artery

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  1. Extra heart soundsnormally diastole is a slient event but on occasion you will hear extra sound S3 and S4


  2. mumur that is barely audibleGrade 1


  3. varicositiesturbulence created as blood passes throught a narrowed section of the artery


  4. assessment for JVDHOB 45, pulse 1-2 cm above the clavicle, JVD is seen in the upright postion


  5. 3 primary causes of murmursfever, pregnancy, hyperthyoid, because increase flow; flow through irregular or contricted valve (stenosis or aotric stenosis); backward flow or regurgiatant flow