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  1. location of split S2
  2. how is the volume effects by respiration
  3. plusus alternans
  4. base of the heart
  5. Pericardial friction Rub
  1. a located at the R atrium, the top border of the heart
  2. b only in the pulmonic valve area the second left interspace, left sternal border
  3. c rhythm is regular, but amplitude varies with alternation stronger and weak impulses
  4. d moRe to the Right heart, Less to the Left
  5. e inflammation of pericardial sac, layer are rubbing against each other

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  1. NOT normal, both pathological S3 and S4 are present
  2. unaffected by respiration the split is alway there
  3. fibrous sac tht surroung and protects the heart
  4. grade over grade 3 or 4
  5. blowin, swishing sound indicating blood flow turbulence not normal

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  1. popliteal pulsedifficlt to local with leg extended but relaxed, anchor you thumbs on the knee and curl you fingers around teh popliteal fossa. Press you finger forward hard and compress teh artery against the bone, just lateral to the medial tendon, or have the patient prone and lift up lower leg let the leg relax against your arm and prss in deeply with your two thumbs


  2. pitch S4Low "dull" soft like Distant thunder


  3. Murmursblowin, swishing sound indicating blood flow turbulence not normal


  4. S3is a vibration that the ventricles creat as it is the rapid filling (protodiastole) early diastole


  5. AI (diastolic)tricuspid vavle insufficency