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  1. location of S3
  2. Murmurs
  3. Extra heart sounds
  4. thundering
  5. normal heart sound
  1. a grade over grade 3 or 4
  2. b S1- M1 slight proceeds T1 usually they are fused as one. S2 with the closure of semilunar valves and end of systole
  3. c normally diastole is a slient event but on occasion you will hear extra sound S3 and S4
  4. d a blowing, shoosing sound that occurs with turbulent blood flow in the heart of the great vessels
  5. e apex may be more audible when patient is turned on left side

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  1. any pulsation to teh right of teh sternum associated with arotic aneurysm
  2. Grade V(5)
  3. moRe to the Right heart, Less to the Left
  4. lateral to and parallel with teh extensor tendon of the big toe
  5. tricuspid vavle insufficency

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  1. sound of pericardial friction rubgrating, squeaking, scratching,


  2. allen testlow


  3. jugular veinattached to the superior vena cava internal and external, internal not palpable and external is you should only see the jugular vein when the person is lying down


  4. thrilla palpable vibraion tha feels like the thrat of a purring cat


  5. abnormal pulsation on the
    precordium Apex
    left lower sternal border


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