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  1. pathological S4
  2. qualit of mumur
  3. lymphedema
  4. superior and inferior vena cava
  5. location of mumur
  1. a returns unxoygenated blood to the heart
  2. b decreased compliance of ventricles (HTN, CV dz, CAD, aortic stenosis)
  3. c unilateral swellign from obsturction channles. overlying skin is indurated; not pitting
  4. d blowing, harsh or rough, rubmling, swooshing, musical
  5. e located at the land mark of the vavle that is affected

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  1. tricuspid vavle insufficency
  2. beat have weaker amplitude with inspiration stronger with expiration
  3. moRe to the Right heart, Less to the Left
  4. mild pitting , slightly indentiona no perceptible swelling of the leg
  5. serous fluid between the pericardium and the myocardium

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  1. base of the heartlocated at the R atrium, the top border of the heart


  2. Gallop pitchlow


  3. Extra heart soundsdifficult to palpate easy to obliterate (1+)


  4. fixed split S2audible on expiration and perceived as a single sound on inspiration


  5. varicositiesincompetent valves premit reflux of blood, produciondilated, tortuous veins. unremitting hydrostatic pressure causes distal valves to be incompetent and causing worsening of the varicosity, over age 45 more likely in women, subjective; aching heaviness in caf easy fatigability, night leg or foot cramps