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  1. MS (diastolic)
  2. bounding pulse
  3. what is the significant risk factor for age of MI
  4. a thrill in the second and third left interspace occurrs with pulmonic stenosis and pulmonic hypertension
  5. Physiologic Split S2
  1. a NORMAL, inspriation decreased intrathoracic pressure increase venous return to the heart
  2. b full and strong; lift up under fingertips (4+)
  3. c mitral valve stenosis
  4. d before age 55
  5. e base

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  1. inflammation of pericardial sac, layer are rubbing against each other
  2. mitral valve insufficiency
  3. diaphragm and the bell
  4. opposite of what you would expect the sound fuse on inspiration and slpit on expiration
  5. the heart and the great vessels are located between the lungs in the middle third of the thoracic cavity

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  1. Pitch of split S2high pitched


  2. AI (diastolic)atrial insufficency


  3. thunderingvery low pitched caused by mitral stenosis


  4. physiologic S3normal in young child or young adults up to 35-40, disappears when the patient sits up accociated with high cardiac output.(pregnancy,hyper thyroid, anemia)


  5. innocent mumurscommon in healty childern or adolescents, high cardiac output, pregancy anxiety, anemia fever or hyperthyroid