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  1. Gallop pitch
  2. what is the significant risk factor for age of MI
  3. extremely loud can hear without stethoscope touching the chest thrill is palpable
  4. women at risk
  5. abnormal apical impulse
  1. a women who use birth control and smoke cigaretts are 6 times more likely to have a stroke that women that don't
  2. b low
  3. c any pulsation to teh right of teh sternum associated with arotic aneurysm
  4. d grade VI (6)
  5. e before age 55

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  1. difficult to palpate easy to obliterate (1+)
  2. the rythmic movement of blood through the heart
  3. audible on expiration and perceived as a single sound on inspiration
  4. at night at rest decrsed metabolic needs increased venous return to teh right atrium increasing urine formation
  5. imcompetent aortic valve, subjective sx: minor symptoms for years objective sx: bouding pulse, bp with widen pulse pressure, mumur starts almost simultaneously with S2 soft high pitched, blowing diastolic decrendo, hear at 3rd left ICS as person sit up and leans forward radiates down

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  1. pitting edema +1deep pitting, indention remain for a short time, legs look swollen


  2. rlumonis rugurgitationback flow due to insufficent plumonic valve mumur heard simultaneously with S2 soft hight pitched blowing diastolic decrescendo heard at 3rd ICS as pwrson sits up and leans forward , radiates down


  3. abnormal pulsation on the
    precordium Apex
    second left interspace


  4. Murmursa blowing, shoosing sound that occurs with turbulent blood flow in the heart of the great vessels


  5. paradoxical splitdecreased compliance of ventricles (HTN, CV dz, CAD, aortic stenosis)