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  1. blood flow through the heart
  2. jugular vein
  3. pulsus paradoxus
  4. mumur that is very loud may be hear with only rim of stethoscope on chest
  5. apex of the heart
  1. a liver -> to inferior VC->into RA->
    head->to superior VC->into RA->tricupsid valve->RV->plumonic valve->pulmonary artery->lungs-<pulmonary vein->LA->bicupsid valve->LV->aortic valve->aorta->body
  2. b beat have weaker amplitude with inspiration stronger with expiration
  3. c Grade V(5)
  4. d attached to the superior vena cava internal and external, internal not palpable and external is you should only see the jugular vein when the person is lying down
  5. e located at the 5th intercostal space from the midline

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  1. serous fluid between the pericardium and the myocardium
  2. pain, pallor, pulselessness, parethesia, poikilothermia (cold), paralysis
  3. tricuspid vavle insufficency
  4. have the patient hold their breath and if you still hear it is not breathing sounds
  5. Grade IV (4)

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  1. location of the heartthe heart extends from the second to the fifth inctercostal space and from the right border of the sternum to the left midclavicular line


  2. MS (diastolic)plumonic valve insufficency


  3. Extra heart soundsS1- M1 slight proceeds T1 usually they are fused as one. S2 with the closure of semilunar valves and end of systole


  4. venous statisweaken vessel by artherosclerosis, a sac formed by dilation in the artery wall. most common site is aorta


  5. allen testevaluate the adequacy of collateral circulation prior to cannulating the radiat artery