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  1. charteristics of apicl impulse
  2. Pitch of S3
  3. pitting edema +1
  4. Paradoxical Split S2
  5. Extra heart sounds
  1. a mild pitting , slightly indentiona no perceptible swelling of the leg
  2. b audible on expiration and perceived as a single sound on inspiration
  3. c normally diastole is a slient event but on occasion you will hear extra sound S3 and S4
  4. d Low "dull" soft like Distant thunder
  5. e gentel tapping against finger tips

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  1. hear higher pitched sound
  2. the ventricles contracing and filling the plumoar and systemic arteries (1/3 of the cardiac cycle)
  3. occlusion of the arteries, no pulse noted any were lower that the occlusion
  4. apex and and the left lower border; heard best when the patient sits up and leans forward
  5. common in healty childern or adolescents, high cardiac output, pregancy anxiety, anemia fever or hyperthyroid

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  1. base of the heartthe heart extends from the second to the fifth inctercostal space and from the right border of the sternum to the left midclavicular line


  2. how do you rule out a pericardial rubgrating, squeaking, scratching,


  3. normal rate of heartregular


  4. characteristic of innocent mumurgrade I/VI or II/VI (grade one out of possible six); short; musical quality, heard 2nd and 3rd ICS left sternal border ALWAYS systolic, may disappear with sitting upright


  5. lymphedemaunilateral swellign from obsturction channles. overlying skin is indurated; not pitting