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  1. Skin is made up of
  2. Wart sign and symptoms
  3. How mites spread
  4. Massage of a Boil
  5. Fungal Infections signs and symptoms
  1. a Cauliflower-shaped growths on the skin
  2. b 1.) epidermis 2.) Dermis
  3. c locally contraindicated: check for systemic infection indicated by swelling of nearby lymph nodes, fever, and discomfort inareas other than where boil is. Sheets should be isolated and bleached thorougly
  4. d there are numersou types of infections some of the most common are: Tinea Corporis "Body ringworm", Tinea Capitits "head ringworm", Tinea Pedis, "athletes foot", Tinea Cruris "jock itch"
  5. e through close personal contact with something someone has worn or laid on (i.e. sheets

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  1. 1.) protection a. keep pathogens out b. sloughs off dead cells and potential invaders c. prevents pathogen growth 2.) Homeostasis a. keep things where they belong b. prevents fluid loss 3.) Sensory envelope 4) Absorption & Secretion a. absorbs fat soluble materials b. excretes metobolic waste
  2. a)hot compresses to help burst and drain relieveing pressure and pain b) antibiotics c) lancing by a dr.
  3. thrive in warm moist places and tend to infect people with sluggish immune systems. Transmitted by skin to skin contact and has a 4 to 14 day incubation period
  4. bacterial infection caused by both (staph and strep) generally found in children and it usually occurs around the nose and mouth but may be found anywhere on the body.
  5. very contagious starts as a small round, red, scaly, itch patch of skin on the torso which spreads by scratching. Ring appears as the fungus helas from the center outward.

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  1. Public Lice "crabs"live primarily in pubic hair but will also live in arpit hari and have been found in eyebrows


  2. Public lice treatmentPesticidal shampoo, followed by applications of medicine, then combing each section of the hari with a fine tooth comb. Alternative treatments include smothering them with petroleum jelly or mayonnaise though these are less effective. Linens and clothing should be washed at 130 F and dried on high heat for 20 min. Massage is systemically contraindiacated


  3. Fungal Infection treatment & Massageantibiotics, sytemically contraindicated: this infection may spread to both the lymph and circulatry systems.


  4. Mites sign and symptomsreddish or grayish lines around the area scabies favor like the groin, axilla, elbows, palms of hands and between fingers. There will likely be tremendous itching and irritated blisters or pustules resulting from allergic reaction due to the excreted waste of the mite.


  5. Mite treatment and massagesbathing with pesticidal soap and isolating bedding, towels, and clothing for a lenght of time. Systemically contraindicated