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  1. Tinea Cruris "jock itch"
  2. Impetigo Signs and Symptoms
  3. Fungal Infections signs and symptoms
  4. Fungal Infections
  5. Herpes simples etiology
  1. a least contagious, located around groin and buttocks area, a lot of tmes caused by yeast infection
  2. b most commonly found in hot humid climates or in dry cold areas when winter chaps lips and dries skin. It's itchy and begins with small blisters filled with murky fluid that for a honey-color crust when popped
  3. c AKA Mycoses or Dermatopytosis
  4. d there are numersou types of infections some of the most common are: Tinea Corporis "Body ringworm", Tinea Capitits "head ringworm", Tinea Pedis, "athletes foot", Tinea Cruris "jock itch"
  5. e Two types Oral or type 1 and genital or type 2. Oral herpes is trasmitted though oral or respiratory secretions while genital herpes is transmitted through genital mucous secretions during skin-to-skin contact. First or "primary" attacks may occur anywhere from 2-20 days after exposure. Up to 60% of all sexually actve adults may carry genital herpes and probably more carry oral herpes. Roughly 30 million people in the US experince at least one outbreak of some kind of herpes each year.

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  1. affects approximately 20% of popluation and is generally found between toes. Aside for itching and burning it has weeping blisters, cracking, pealing skin which can lead to other infections like lymphangitis or erysipelas
  2. through close personal contact with something someone has worn or laid on (i.e. sheets
  3. a hearty virus that can survive outside of the body for hours at a time resulting in cold sores or fever blisters on the face around the mouth or in blisters around the genitals and buttocks
  4. bacteria infection (Strep) usually originating on face or lower leg.
  5. when starting on face will be raised red, hot tender area that spreads laterally looking like a "butterfly" rash taht may resemle lupus. Noticeable distinction is the sharp margin between affected and unaffected skin.

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  1. Impetigo treatment and massagetopcial antibiotic creams for mild cases and oral antibiotics for more sever cases that show signs of systemic infection (ie fever and chills). systemically contraindivated untill lesions heal


  2. Herpes Simplex Sign & Symptomsitching caused by irritating saliva will be the first sign. Visual confirmation can be attained by looking at the scalp for "nits" the eggs which look like tiny grains of rice. Dark nits are un-hatched while white nits are the empty shell still attached to the hair. Incubation is approximately 1 week.


  3. Treatment of a Boila)hot compresses to help burst and drain relieveing pressure and pain b) antibiotics c) lancing by a dr.


  4. Head licea parasite similar to mites but much larger and divided into two types 1) head, 2) Pubic


  5. Erysipelas treatment & Massageit's a virus and thus difficult to treat other tahn to wait it out. There are some drugs that help suppress activity, but prevention and staying healthy between outbreaks is the best means of control. Contraindicated durning an outbreak