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Breakfast Sandwiches

Sandwiches served on any bagel, scrambled egg,
cheddar cheese with your choice of sausage,
bacon or black forest ham.

Egg & Cheese



Cream Cheese, pesto, tomatoes
red onions on a pizza bagel.

Morning Glory

Assortment of three pastries and two bagels,
cream cheese, butter, jams, coffee & Juices.

Pastry Box

Assortment of five pastries butters & jams.

Pastry & Bagel Box

Assortment of three pastries & two bagels,
cream cheese, butter & jams.

Bagel Box

A baker's dozen of assorted bagels
& cream cheese.


Plain, Poppy, Sesame, the Works, Blueberry,
Cinnamon Raisin, Whole Wheat & Sourdough

Italian Pizza, Jalapeno Pizza,
Sour cheese & Garlic.

Cream Cheese
2oz. $0.75


Cinnamon Twist $1.85
Croissant $1.75
Bear Claw $1.85
Danish $1.85
Scones $1.85
Muffins $1.85

Coffee cakes

Our delicious coffee cakes are a crowd
pleaser for any morning meeting or
make a great afternoon snack.
$2.75 per slice

Fresh Fruit

SM (serves 8) $22.00
LG (serves 12) $28.00
Individual fruit cups $3.75

Fresh Fruit Platters

Seasonal fruits beautifully displayed
for any occasion.
SM (serves 8-10) $40.00
LG (serves 15-20) $70.00


Bowls (serves10-12) $45.00
Individual (9oz.) $3.95

Coffee & Tea Totes
(serves 8 to 10 people)


Orange Juice Totes
(serves 10-12 people)


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