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  1. What is the excessive secretion of thyroid hormones (most common in cats)?
  2. What is acute hypocalcemia during the first few weeks of lactation in dogs and horses (symptoms relate to increased nerval / muscular exciteability = spasms, tetany)?
  3. What happens in mineralocorticoid deficiency when there is acute Na and Water loss?
  4. Would removal of the thyroid gland / C cells have a large effect on calcium balance?
  5. What can increase calcium levels?
  1. a parathyroid hormone and vitamin D
  2. b hyperthyroidism
  3. c no, has little effect
  4. d Eclampsia, puerperal tetany
  5. e Addisons Crisis

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  1. increase in hyperglycemia, steroid diabetes
  2. gluco-corticoids (95% cortisol)
  3. further release of TSH (by decreasing TRH receptor number)
  4. agonists
  5. lipolytic and glucose sparing, increases lipolysis, causes insulin resistance (diabetogenic)

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  1. In Parturient Paresis in cows, PTH is released but osteoclasts are reduced in numbers or are inactive due to?insufficient stimulation during dry period, inhibition by calcitonin


  2. At what level is the plasma calcium concentration maintained?+/- 5% of normal


  3. What is the medulla responsible for?epinephrine, norepinephrine, neuropeptide


  4. What does renal diseases with insufficient P excretion lead to?P deposits as CaHPO4 and hypocalcemia


  5. What is the sodium saver, postassium and hydrogen looser?aldosterone