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  1. The activated hormone-receptor complex binds to a DNA acceptor site and initiates gene transcription, what does this mean?
  2. What are steroid hormones (lipophylic)?
  3. What hormones are the zona glomerulosa responsible for?
  4. What are insulin dependent tissues?
  5. Do steroid hormones have a storage facility?
  1. a neurons, retina, lens, blood cells, pancreatic beta cells, kidney, GI mucosa, placenta
  2. b mineralo-corticoids (90% aldosterone)
  3. c adrenal cortex hormones, reproductive hormones, D hormones
  4. d new proteins are synthesized
  5. e no

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  1. mostly benign thyroid tumors secreting T4/T3, adenomas
  2. hormone excess increases rapidity of cerebration, dissociation which leads to nervousness, excitability, anxiety and insomnia; hormone deficiency causes lethargy and somnolence
  3. parathyroid hormone (PTH)
  4. Glucagon
  5. Hypothyroidism

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  1. What are indirect effects of growth hormone via hepatic IGF?dwarfism and early aging


  2. How does an increase in glucocorticoids affect the CNS / Pituitary?decreases it


  3. What do hypovolemia and low blood pressure stimulate?thyroid cells in a single layer and a colloid


  4. What is the key phrase for thyroid hormones?mostly benign thyroid tumors secreting T4/T3, adenomas


  5. 80% of body cells contain insulin receptors, what kind of tissues are these?1. beta parts of receptor become the activated tyrosine kinase.
    2. GLUTs translocate from golgi fraction to cell membrane