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  1. What is it called when lipophylic hormones induce protein synthesis, with the newly formed proteins being mostly enzymes, which now stimulate or inhibit certain metabolic pathways?
  2. 80% of body cells contain insulin receptors, what kind of tissues are these?
  3. What is an anterior pituitary hormone produced by acidophils, that affects nearly all tissue capable of growth, and is partly a tropic hormone?
  4. What happens when hyperglycemia exceeds renal threshold, and glucosuria/ osmotic diuresis?
  5. What does hypoglycemia stimulate?
  1. a polyuria
  2. b metabolic effect
  3. c insulin-sensitive tissue
  4. d glucagon secretion
  5. e growth hormone (somatotropin)

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  1. blood glucose levels, >100 mg stimulates insulin release, <80/90 mg inhibits insulin release
  2. parturient paresis (milk fever) in cows
  3. antagonists
  4. thyroid hormones regulate the basic metabolic activity of most tissues and ensure that energy is available
  5. P deposits as CaHPO4 and hypocalcemia

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  1. What are synthetic hormones that mimic the hormones action?agonists


  2. What are direct effects of growth hormone?lipolytic and glucose sparing, increases lipolysis, causes insulin resistance (diabetogenic)


  3. What inhibits glucagon secretion?initially only as hypothalamic satiety center is insulin dependent, later anorexia and vomiting following tissue damages a/o acidosis


  4. What is non-neoplastic hyperplasia of thyroid gland?defects of the thyroid gland (autoimmune, lymphocytic infiltration or idiopathic atrophy)


  5. What initiates protein hormone synthesis?respective stimulus to an endocrine gland cell