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  1. What are hormones called that are released into circulation?
  2. The hypothalamus is connected with the pituitary gland via what?
  3. What is the key phrase for glucagon?
  4. What is the neurohypohysis extension of the hypothalamus = nervous tissue stores and releases the 2 hypothalamic hormones produced in the nucleus supraopticus and nucleus paraventricularis: ADH and oxytocin?
  5. What are eikosanoid hormones (hydrophilic)?
  1. a prostaglandins, leukotrienes (tissue hormones, derived from arachidonic acid)
  2. b posterior pituitary
  3. c hypophyseal stalk
  4. d glucagon opposes the insulin effects on carbohydrate metabolism in the liver
  5. e endocrine

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  1. Glucagon
  2. hyperthyroidism
  3. diet or de novo synthesis in liver, followed by UVB activation in skin
  4. insulin-sensitive
  5. increase in lipolysis, betaoxidation, bile secretion (geared toward supplying fat for energy)

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  1. What is a continual process of bone deposition (osteoblasts) and absorption (osteoclasts) -> bone can adjust to altered stress?hyperthyroidism


  2. What is acute hypocalcemia during the first few weeks of lactation in dogs and horses (symptoms relate to increased nerval / muscular exciteability = spasms, tetany)?Eclampsia, puerperal tetany


  3. What inhibits glucagon secretion?blood glucose levels


  4. What are some of the functions of the hypothalamus?largely controls homeostasis, involved in emotions, stress, fear, control of hunger, thirst, sexual behavior


  5. What is acute hypocalcemia within 72 hours p.p. due to rapid loss of Ca via milk?paracrine


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