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  1. How do thyroid hormones affect the growth and body weight of a young animal?
  2. What does a follicle consist of?
  3. What is released from the anterior pituitary gland into circulation?
  4. How does an increase in gluco-corticoids affect the liver?
  5. What is the key phrase for glucagon?
  1. a glucagon opposes the insulin effects on carbohydrate metabolism in the liver
  2. b hormone excess accelerates growth, but epiphyses close early which means stunted and heavy body, hormone deficiency retards CNS and body growth
  3. c tropic hormone
  4. d thyroid cells in a single layer and a colloid
  5. e increase in weight

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  1. Calcium
  2. calcitonin
  3. slowly, quickly
  4. thyroid hormones = protein anabolic
  5. true gigantism (very rare)

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  1. What is a deficiency in adrenal cortex hormone, glucocoticoids and mineralcorticoids are reduced?during animals activity phase


  2. In Parturient Paresis in cows, PTH is released but osteoclasts are reduced in numbers or are inactive due to?paracrine


  3. What does the pituitary gland consist of?approximately 70 amino acids


  4. What destroys protein hormones?respective stimulus to an endocrine gland cell


  5. What is a colloid?hormone storage form, final stage of hormone synthesis