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IALF Lesson 16 - ordering food at the restaurant, phrases

Mau makan apa?

What do you want to eat?

Tunggu sebentar.

Please wait a minute.

Mau pesan apa?

What would you like to order?

Terima kasih.

Thank you.

Silakan masuk.

Please come in.

Enak Sekali.

It's delicious.

Silakan duduk.

Please sit.

Bagaimana makananya?

How is the food?

Bagaimana rasanya?

How does that taste?

Sebentar lagi.

In a minute / moment.

Saya mau pesan ikan bakar.

I want to order grilled fish.


You're welcome.

Ini bonnya.

Here is the bill.

Mau minum apa?

What do you want to drink?

Silakan bayar di kasir.

Please pay at the cashier.

Ini menunya.

Here is the menu.

Bisa saya bantu?

Can I help you?

Boleh minta bonnya?

Please bring me the bill. Can I have the bill?

Boleh lihat menunya?

Can I look at the menu?

Apakah Anda mau pesan soto ayam?

You would like soto ayam?

Apa menu spesial hari ini?

What is the special menu today?

Ada menu spesial hari ini?

Is there a special menu today?

Tidak, saya mau pesan ayam goreng saja.

No, I want the fried chicken only.

Itu saja.

That's it.

Sudah selasai.

I'm finished with my food.

Terlalu asin!

Too salty!

Terlalu manis.

Too sweet.


Burnt! Burned! Overcooked.

Agak matang.

Rather overcooked.


tough, hard (for food)

Kurang asin!

Needs more salt. Not salty enough.

Bagaimana kopinya?

How is the coffee?


waiter / waitress



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