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Shoulder Impairments

Rotator Cuff Tear
History: Night Pain, Loss of ROM, Age 30-50, Pain and Weakness,
AROM: Weak Abd or Rotation
ulder hike
PROM: Pain if impingement
MSTT: Weak and Painful for Abd and ER
ST: Drop Arm, Empty can
PFT: Tender over RC
Imaging: upward displacement of HH, acromial spurring
Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen shoulder)
History: Can't do ADL;s bc of loss of ROM, Age 45+, Insidious oinset or after trauma or surgery
Restricted ER, Abd, and IR
PROM: Lim ROM esp ER>Abd>IR (capsular pattern)
MSTT: Strong and painless w/ arm at side
PFT: Not painful unless capsule stretched
Anterior instability
apprehension with Abd and ER, slipping or popping instability, Weak scapula stabilizers (traps, serratus ant, rhomboids, Levator, Pecs)
pain with elevation (fl, scaption, Abd), Over age 35, Pain at rest or with activities, Night pain, Scapular or RC weakness
Special Test: Neers Impingement
Radial N (C5-C8, T1)
MOI: Fracture of Humeral Shaft, Crutch pressure
Weak Triceps, wrist extensors, finger extensor
Sensation altered: Dorsum of hand
Reflexes: Triceps
Posterior Capsule Tightness
IR decreased, Flexion decreased, decreased Posterior glide, weak ER, weak Scap stabilizers(traps, Pecs, rhomb, levator, serratus ant)
GH Hypermobility/Instability
History: feeling of shoulder slippage with pain, insecure of doing specific activities, No injury
AROM: Normal ROM
PROM: Pain at extreme Ranges, w/ capsule laxity EF
AccPROM:: Increased ROM w/ cap lax EF
MSTT: Normal
Traumatic Anterior Dislocation
Hx: Arm elevated and ER, insecure w/ specific activities
Severe pain and difficult moving arm
Recurrent apprehension
AROM: Decr. Abd, ER
PROM: M. guarding and decr. ROM
MSTT: Pain w/ ABD and ER
ST: Apprehension
PFT: Tender on Ant Shoulder
Subacromial Bursitis
Pain and swelling under acromian.
Swelling with PFC and tender w/ PFT.
AROM: Limited Abd
GH Hypomobility (capsular Pattern)
ER>Abd>IR, 67777 w/capsular tighness EF