CHN-245 Quiz 1

In From the Soil, the definition of rural is:
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In the West, husband and wife play _________________ in families (which is why they share last names). In China, husband and wife relationships play a ____________________. The relationships between people of the __________ gender would be more _________________ (ex: father and son). China is ________________________ and the West is _________________________.
In Sea of Regret, what are the 5 types of relationships? This has been the social structure in China for thousands of yearsfather/son, husband/wife, younger/older brother, ruler/subject, friend/friendWhat is the time frame of The Sea of Regret?10 years: 1891/1892-1901/1902The initial purpose of the Sea of Regret is to distinguish _____________ from __________________.virtue, infatuationThe Sea of Regret is China's first ___________________ novel- we get to hear Dihue's thoughtspsychologicalThe Sing Song Girls of Shanghai is China's first _______________ novel.urbanThe Sing Song Girls was published in _____________, which is the same year that the Seat of Regret begins.1892In Sing Song Girls, outcomes are not determined by ______________. The connection between the characters' fates and _________________ (same answer) is totally absentthe empireIn Sing Song Girls, ___________________ perspective is only of the adventure, and not his outcome/future/doom. _____________________ perspective is the opposite; what appears invisible to Simplicity is visible to him, and he sees the doom from the beginning.Simplicity, Benevolence