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Lewis Antibodies

Lewis System
Manufactured by the tissue cells and secreted into
body fluids.
Antigen production
depends on genes inherited for
Lewis and inheritance of the Secretor gene.
genes influence the amount of Lewis antigen
detected on the RBC.
substance is secreted regardless of secretorstatus. Even those who are sese, nonsecretors, willsecrete this Lewis substance into body fluids.
Lewis antigen
produced in body fluids are
Lewis RBC cell bound antigens
cell bound antigens are glycolipids.
Sese, ABO, Hh and Lewis genes
are all associated with the formation of the Leb antigen.
Le(a-b+) is 55%
Lewis Antibodies
-Generally produced by Le(a-b-) individuals and are
frequently detected during antibody screening.
-are considered naturally occurring since they
appear without previous exposure to antigen positiveRBCs.
-Normally are IgM
Anti Leb
Most are IgM while some IgG does exists (doesn not fix complement)
This antibody is generally not as common or as
strong as Lea.
Lewis antigens (significant)
Lewis antigens have receptors to certain
microorganisms like Helicobacter pylori
Le (a-b+) is 72%
LEa (a-b-) secretors express
H type 1 substances plus ABH antigens associated with the related ABO genes inherited.