CompTia A+ Practice Test 1 (1001)

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You connect a VOIP device on a user's desk and need to connect it to a PoE enabled switch located in a communications closet about 150 feet (approximately 50 meters) away. Which of the following cables should you select to connect the VOIP device to the switch?
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You are troubleshooting an issue with multiple workstations that are having network connectivity issues. The network also has two servers connected to the network, but they do not have any connectivity issues. You look at the network configuration of the two servers and notice they are using static IP addresses. Based on what you know so far, what is most likely the cause of the workstation's network connectivity issue?
A military contracting firm is worried about proprietary corporate information being removed from the company's network. To combat this, they have created strict rules regarding what types of information can leave their office building. You have been asked to fix a workstation for the company and have been brought on-site to troubleshoot the issue. You have properly followed the troubleshooting steps and have created a plan of action to fix the workstation. Unfortunately, your solution will require that the workstation be taken back to your off-site repair shop to solve the workstation's problems fully. What is the NEXT thing you should do to fix this workstation?
You and your friends are hanging out in a bar downtown and notice that the entire area around the bar has a great wireless network called "Downtown Metro." This wireless network was built by the city and currently covers about 5 square blocks of the downtown area. What type of network best classifies this wireless network?
You are setting up a new wireless network at the local brand of your community's public library. Previously, the library only had a small wired network that relied on statically assigned IP addresses. You just finished installing all of the wireless access points. You configured a server to automatically provide an IP address to wireless clients when connecting to one of the wireless access points. To test the new wireless network, you turn on your wireless adapter on your laptop and connect to the network. Your laptop is automatically assigned an IP address of from the DHCP server, and you can ping the default gateway of You open a web browser and attempt to connect to, but you cannot connect and instead receive an error. You attempt to ping the IP address for the Google DNS server ( and are successful. Which of the following should you attempt to do NEXT to resolve this issue?
Your firewall is blocking outbound email traffic that is attempting to be sent. Which port should you verify is set to ALLOW in the firewall to ensure your emails are being sent?25-EMail outWhat type of connector is used to terminate a coaxial cable?RG-59A user wants to print 2 copies of a 3-page report at once. The user would like the pages to come out of the printer in the order of pages 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 instead of pages 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3. What printer setting should the user enable for this print job to achieve this result?CollateWhich cloud computing concept is BEST described as focusing on replacing the hardware and software required when creating and testing new applications and programs from a customer's environment with cloud-based resources?Platform as a Service (PaaS)You are installing Windows 2016 on a rack-mounted server and hosting multiple virtual machines within the physical server. You just finished the installation and now want to begin creating and provisioning the virtual machines. Which of the following should you utilize to allow you to create and provision the virtual machines?HypervisorNatalie just bought a new mobile Android phone, but her current phone is an iPhone. She needs to move all of her phone's existing contacts and appointments from her calendar from her current phone to her new phone. Natalie's iPhone was configured to use her Dion Training corporate account to save all her contacts and appointments to their cloud-based service, as well. Which of the following is the BEST way for Natalie to migrate her data from her old iPhone to her new Android device?Natalie should log into her corporate email account on the new Android phone and restore her contacts and appointments to the new deviceYou are working as a customer service technician at a smartphone repair center. A customer calls your help desk and states that the device feels warm to the touch even when not used. You ask them to conduct a visual inspection of the smartphone and describe what they are seeing. The customer says, "The battery appears to be swollen' and bulging outward beyond its normally rectangular shape." Which of the following is the BEST statement for you to provide to the customer?"Please do not use the smartphone and bring it into our service center immediately so that we can replace the battery for you."You are trying to install Hyper-V on a new laptop, but you keep receiving an error during installation that the software cannot be installed. Which of the following characteristics of the laptop's processor should you investigate as the MOST likely issue?Virtualization (VT) supportYou are trying to send an email to your boss, but it refuses to leave your outbox. You see an error message displayed on the screen that tells you to verify your outbound server settings. Which of the following servers should you configure your email client to use to ensure your emails are being sent?Sendmail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)You are working as a Managed Service Provider for a large chain of doctor's offices. The company is opening a new office downtown. The office needs 2 computers to be installed at the receptionists' desk to schedule appointments, read email, browse the web, and conduct basic word processing tasks. Which of the following type of computers would BEST meet the needs of this doctor's office?Thick clientWhat type of connector is most commonly used to terminate an Ethernet cable?RJ-45You are working as a technician for a college. One of the professors has submitted a trouble ticket stating that the projector connected to the workstation in his classroom displays artifacts on the screen. The image is displayed on the screen is bright and appears to be displayed with the right size and in the right position, but the artifacts are obscuring certain portions of the image. What is the FIRST thing you should do to remove the artifacts from being displayed on the screen?Replace the bulb in the projectorYou are troubleshooting an issue on a client's computer and need to make some computer changes to test your theory of probable cause. What should you do BEFORE you make any changes to the computer to test your theory?Verify that a recent backup of all of the client's important files has been createdYour daughter recently purchased a touchscreen laptop to use for her schoolwork. It has been working well for about 3 weeks, but today she is complaining that it is not working properly. When she touches an icon on the screen, the program fails to load. You look over the laptop, and the screen appears to be fully intact with no dark blobs or spider web cracks in the panel. You attempt to operate the laptop using the touchscreen, but it appears non-responsive to your touch. Which of the following components MOST likely needs to be replaced?DigitizerYour son is complaining that his smartphone is broken. He tells you that he cannot connect to the internet, nor can he make or receive phone calls and text messages. You ask him to start up the music player on his phone, and he can open it without any issues. It appears the common issue has to do with his device's network connectivity. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem with your son's phone?Airplane mode is enabled on the deviceWhich of the following types of connectors are used to terminate a serial cable for an external modem?DB-9A client states that their computer is experiencing slow performance when reading or writing to the hard drive. You have already verified that it is not a system (software) performance issue, and the system is not overheating. Which of the following would be the BEST action to take in attempting to fix this problem?Run the disk repair toolYour son accidentally knocked his laptop off his desk while it was charging. Your son picks up the laptop and notices that the laptop will no longer turn on. You begin to troubleshoot the problem to identify the cause. You ensure the laptop is connected to the power adapter and that the power adapter is plugged into a power outlet, but the laptop still will not power on. Which of the following components was MOST likely damaged when the laptop was knocked off of the desk?DC jackYour office has a shared networked printer connected that is accessed via a print server. The printer has stopped printing. What is your FIRST step to try and get the printer to start printing again?Clear the printer queue on the print serverWhich of the following cables supports both charging and data transfer with a non-directional connector inserted into a port on the device?USB-CYour company has recently purchased a new wireless printer and has asked you to configure it in the office. You have installed the necessary printer drivers on your workstation and have plugged the printer into the power outlet. You just configured the printer to connect to the guest wireless network. Next, you try to print a test page, but nothing prints out. Which of the following is the most likely cause for the printer not printing the test page?You connected the printer to the guest wireless network instead of the corporate wireless networkYou just configured your iPhone to connect to your car's stereo over Bluetooth to play your favorite podcasts while driving to work. What type of network did you create between your iPhone and your car?Personal area network (PAN)A client has asked you to build a computer to use as part of their home theater system. The HTPC will be used primarily to stream videos in their living room and must have a small form factor to fit into their entertainment center next to their surround sound system. Which of the following motherboards would be the BEST choice for an HTPC system?Mini-ITXYou just printed a new sign for your office using thick cardstock paper with your network printer. Unfortunately, when you pick up the cardstock from the laser printer's output tray, the printed image smears across the paper. Attempting to troubleshooting this problem, you decide to print another sign using regular printer paper and determine that the image does not smear when touched on the regular printer paper. Which of the following would be the NEXT step to perform in your troubleshooting efforts?Increase the temperature of the fuser elementWhich of the following devices would you configure an ACL to implement a security policy within your network?FirewallWhich of the following types of connectors are used to terminate a household telephone cable?RJ-11Your desktop computer is currently running out of internal storage space. You want to upgrade the workstation with more internal storage to store additional videos, photos, and backups. Which of the following is the BEST storage solution to avoid having to expand again next year while still meeting your need to store more data?3 TB HDDYou have just installed a new hard disk drive into your computer, but the motherboard does not recognize it within the BIOS/UEFI. You have verified the drive is properly connected to the motherboard and the power supply with the correct cables, but it still is not recognized. Which of the following actions would BEST solve this problem?Update the firmware of the motherboardYou have just set up a Minecraft server on a spare computer within your network and want your friends to connect to it over the internet. What do you need to configure in your SOHO router to allow your friends to connect to the new Minecraft server you created?Configure port forwardingYour friend just noticed his smartphone's battery is running low. Unfortunately, your friend isn't very knowledgeable about computers and smartphones, so he doesn't know what type of charging cable he needs. He knows his phone is running iOS 12. What kind of cable does your friend need to charge his phone?LightningYou have been asked to install a network cable inside a conduit placed underground and connected to two buildings located about 1 KM apart. Which of the following cable types should you choose?FiberBoth Apple and Samsung have released their own version of contactless mobile payment solutions. For example, Apple Pay allows users to place their iPhone or Apple Watch within an inch of a credit card machine at a store to make a payment. Which of the following wireless technologies does this type of payment system rely upon?Near-Field Communication (NFC)You have been asked to select the type of workstations to install in your company's new corporate offices. The workstations will only remotely connect to a centralized server to run all of the required applications. Which of the following is the BEST type of workstation to install?Thin ClientDion Training has asked you to consult on the installation of their new file server. The current server consists of a RAID 5 array with three 1 TB 7200 RPM hard disk drives. Due to increase reliance on the new file server, you have been asked to recommend a RAID solution that will help ensure there is no unscheduled downtime, no data loss, and increase speed/performance over the current file server. Based on these requirements, which of the following RAID solutions should you recommend?RAID 10Which of the following types of connectors are used to terminate a CAT 5e network cable?RJ-45Your company just installed a new webserver within your DMZ. You have been asked to open up the port for secure web browsing on the firewall. Which port should you set as open to allow users to access this new server?443-HTTPS trafficYou just bought a new car and want to use the built-in stereo to make and receive calls on your smartphone. Which of the following should you perform to connect your smartphone to the car stereo?Pairing the deviceYou are troubleshooting a network connection issue between the wall jack in a user's office and the switch in the communications closet. When you plug a network cable into the wall jack, there is no connection. You check the switch in the communications closet to determine if the wall jack is properly connected to the switch. Unfortunately, none of the cables in the communication closet are labeled. Which of the following tools should you use to determine which cable in the communications closet is connected to the wall jack in the user's office since none of the cables are properly labeled?Tone generator and probeWhich cloud computing concept is BEST described as focusing on the replacement of applications and programs on a customer's workstation with cloud-based resources?Software as a Service (SaaS)What type of cable is most commonly used to terminate a serial connection to a modem?DB-9Which cloud computing concept allows users to store files on a cloud-based server when necessary and copy that data from the cloud, and put it back on the device when space once again becomes available on the device?On-demandYou have been asked to replace a cracked screen on a laptop. The replacement screen was delivered today, but it did not include any instructions for removal and replacement. You have been unable to find the repair information on the manufacturer's website. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for you to take when replacing the cracked screen?Carefully remove the laptop's cracked screen while documenting and labeling all of the screw locations and cables/connectorsYou are building a bitcoin mining workstation that will have multiple graphics cards, lots of memory, and an octa-core processor. This computer is expected to generate a lot of heat during its operations. Which of the following solutions would MOST efficiently dissipate all of the heat produced?Liquid cooling systemYour boss has requested that you replace all of the hubs in the network with switches. What is the MOST likely reason for doing this?Using hubs causes too many collisions on the networkWhich cloud computing concept is BEST described as focusing on the replacement of physical hardware at a customer's location with cloud-based resources?Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)You want to build a new gaming computer but intend to reuse as many of the parts as possible from your old computer. You have determined that the motherboard and the case will be reused, and you will purchase a new graphics card, sound card, network interface card, and a USB 3.0 expansion card to increase your system's overall speed and performance. You are a bit worried that your old computer's power supply may not be able to support all of these new expansion cards. Which of the following cards is MOST likely to consume the most power during operations and require you to purchase a new power supply to support it?Graphics cardA client has a workstation with a RAID 5 configuration and reports that slower than normal performance occurs when reading/writing files to the RAID. You run a diagnostic program against the RAID, and the system passes all of the diagnostic tests without any issues. While you are running the tests, though, you head clicking noises coming from the RAID. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the slow performance being experienced by the client?Hard driveJosie from Human Resources was just issued a new laptop from the company. When she plugs the laptop into the network's wall jack and turns it on, she receives an error message. She calls the service desk to report that the error message being displayed states, "There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network." You are working as a field service technician and have been asked to resolve this error. What should you do?Configure the laptop's network connection to use DHCP instead of a static IPA user submits a trouble ticket for their laptop. The user states that every time they move the laptop from one place to another, the system loses power and shutdowns. You have examined the laptop fully and then removed and reinstalled the hard drive, RAM, ribbon cable to the LCD, and the battery, but the laptop is still shutting down whenever it is moved. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue with this laptop shutting down?Battery connection is looseYou have been asked to install a network cable in the crawl space between the ceiling in your office and the roof. You need to choose the right type of cable to ensure you do not violate the local fire codes. Which of the following cable types should you choose?PlenumWhich of the following devices would allow you to control and provide input commands to multiple servers within the same server rack using a single set of input devices?Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM)A new smartphone supports users' ability to transfer a photograph by simply placing their phones near each other and "tapping" the two phones together. What type of technology does this most likely rely on?Near-Field Communication (NFC)You have been asked to verify that a server rack has been properly installed and grounded. Which tool should you utilize to verify that the server rack is properly grounded?MultimeterYou are connecting a laptop to a brand new digital high definition TV. Unfortunately, the laptop is a little outdated and only has an analog display output. Which of the following adapters could you use to convert the signal from analog to digital for use with the new television?VGA to DVI-DYou work for a bank interested in moving some of its operations to the cloud, but it is worried about security. You recently discovered an organization called CloudBank that was formed by 15 local banks as a way for them to build a secure cloud-based environment that can be accessed by the 15 member banks. Which cloud model BEST describes the cloud created by CloudBank?Community cloudTamera just purchased a Wi-Fi-enabled Nest Thermostat for her home. She has hired you to install it, but she is worried about a hacker breaking into the thermostat since it is an IoT device. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do to mitigate Tamera's security concerns? (Select TWO)Configure the thermostat to connect to the wireless network using WPA2 encryption and a long, strong password Configure the thermostat to use a segregated part of the network by installing it into a DMZWhich of the following virtualization concepts refers to a VM's ability to have memory allocated for its use?Resource poolingYou have been dispatched to a customer's office to help them fix their printer. You have asked the customer what the issue is, and the customer states, "The printer will not work." You ask a few follow-up questions to understand the situation better and ask if any error messages were displayed. Which of the following steps of the CompTIA troubleshooting methodology best describes the actions you are currently taking?Identify the problemA user called the help desk to complain about an issue with their laptop's keyboard. Every time they type a word like "help" or "none," it is displaying as something cryptic like "he3p" or "n6ne". Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue with the laptop keyboard?The NumLock has been enabled for the laptopYou see streaks of toner across your papers when you print things using your office's laser printer. What is the MOST likely cause of this problem?Clean the printer's transfer rollerA technician is troubleshooting an issue with a workstation. The workstation can ping successfully, but it is unable to access Which internal network server is MOST likely causing these issues?DNS serverThe large multi-function printer in your office is shared between 12 people. Unfortunately, it has stopped working, and the technicians have determined it must be replaced. A new printer has been ordered, but it will be 2 weeks until it arrives. The only other printer available in your office is the manager's printer, but it is connected via USB to their workstation. One of the technicians would like to share the manager's printer with the other 12 employees for the next 2 weeks as a temporary workaround. Unfortunately, there are no spare wired network jacks available in the office to connect the printer to the network directly, but there is a wireless access point nearby. Which of the following is the BEST way for the technician to allow the 12 employees to access the manager's printer?Purchase a portable wireless print server and connect the printer to it using USBYour company's file server is using a RAID 5 configuration. You just received an alert from the server that states that "RAID is degraded" and that the "Local Disk 0, Physical Disk 3 has failed". Which of the following is the BEST way to fix this error?Schedule an authorized downtime period, replace physical disk 3, rebuild the array, and confirm that the RAID is no longer reporting itself as degradedWhich of the following types of wireless connections requires a pin to be entered as part of the pairing process before it being utilized?BluetoothWhich of the following ports should you block at the firewall if you want to prevent a remote login to a server from occurring?23-Used by telnetYour email client has been acting strangely recently. Every time you open an email with an image embedded within it, the image is not displayed on your screen. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?Incorrect security settings in the email clientYou have been asked by Dion Training to build a specialized computer that will be used exclusively for running numerous virtual machines simultaneously for their lab environment. Which of the following should you install to BEST meet the company's needs? (Select TWO)Intel i9 with 8-cores 64GB of DDR4The touch screen on your Windows 10 laptop is not working properly. You have been asked to troubleshoot the laptop. What should you check FIRST?Digitizer settingsYou are building a new server and want to ensure that its memory can allow the server to continue working even if there is an issue that corrupts data held within the memory modules. Which of the following types of memory should you select for the server?Erro-correcting code (ECC)You are attempting to build a new gaming workstation and have just finished installing the motherboard and the processor. You are about to begin installing two memory modules, and notice 4 DIMM sockets on the motherboard labeled 0, 1, 2, and 3. Two of these are colored red, and two are colored blue. Which of the following should you do FIRST?Consult the motherboard's manualYour son has a gaming laptop in his bedroom. He loves his laptop since it allows him to take it over to his friend's houses when desired, but his laptop only has 1 USB port. When he gets home, though, he prefers to use a USB mouse, keyboard, and webcam when he is playing games on his laptop. He only has $20 saved up but wants to buy a device that would allow him to connect all 3 of these peripherals with one USB connector. Which of the following do you recommend he purchase?USB 4-port hubA client is attempting to power on their computer, but it keeps booting to the incorrect hard drive. Which of the following actions should you perform to attempt to fix this problem?Reconfigure the boot order within the BIOS/UEFIYou are working as a technician for a college. One of the professors has submitted a trouble ticket stating that the projector connected to the workstation in his classroom is too dim. You look at the image being projected on the wall and notice it is dim, but the image appears to be displayed clearly and correctly. What is the FIRST thing you should do to make the image brighter?Increase the contrast on the projectorYour cellular carrier allows you to turn on a feature on your smartphone so that you can share its internet connection with other devices close to your smartphone. If you wanted to share the Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously, which feature would you enable?Mobile hotspotYou work as a PC Technician for a real estate company. The company has decided to use laptops instead of desktops in the office so that the real estate agents can easily take their laptops with them when they go out to show different properties. You want to create an easy solution for the agents to quickly connect an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, a wired network connection, and an additional hard drive for storage to the laptop whenever they come back into the office. Unfortunately, the laptops used by the agents don't have a built-in wired network connection. Which type of device should you choose to provide all the functionality above?Docking stationYou want to create a new mobile application and develop it in the cloud. You just signed up for a cloud-based service provider's offering to allow you to develop it using their programming environment. Which of the following best describes which type of service you have just purchased?Platform as a Service (PaaS)You attempt to log on to a Windows workstation, and an error message pops up that says there is a duplicate IP address detected on the network. You restart the workstation, but the same error is displayed when you attempt to log in again. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this error message to occur?A static address has been configured on the workstationWhich of the following is the virtualization technology supported by most modern AMD processors?AMD-VWhich of the following is the virtualization technology supported by most modern Intel processors?Virtualization Technology (VT)You have just set up an FTP server to allow users to download the new open-source application your company is releasing. Which port should be opened to allow users to connect to this server?21-Used for FTP