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People You Gotta Know set C

Virginia SOL Review
Chief Joseph
Chief of the Nez Perce. "....I will fight no more forever."
Sitting Bull
Leader of the Lakota Souix. He was a leader in the Battle of Little Big Horn....Custer's Last Stand.
Leader of the Apache in Southwest Arizona. His band was the last group of American Indians to surrender.
George Custer
United States military leader who was defeated by the Lakota in the Battle of Big Horn in 1876. Also known as Custer's Last Stand
The Wright Brothers
Created the first airplane. Considered the first in flight.
Guglielmo Marconi
sent the first radio waves across the atlantic. developed the radio.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President of the US during Great Depression and World War II. He developed the New Deal to help the US out of the Great Depression. He was known as FDR

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