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Automatic brightness control

The system that functions to compensate for changing patient/part thickness during a fluoroscopic procedure is...

mA, exposure time, and focal spot size

What information is necessary to determine the maximum safe kVp, using the appropriate x-ray tube rating chart?

is 87% to 96% of the maximum value and is at nearly constant potential.

With three-phase equipment, the voltage across the x-ray tube...


The ability of an x-ray unit to produce constant radiation output, at a given mA, using various combinations of mAs and time is called...

Gadolinium oxysulfide and lanthanum oxybromide

Rare earth phosphors that may be used in intensifying screens include...

added filtration and kilovoltage

The effective energy of the x-ray beam is increased by increasing the...


The device that is used to control voltage by varying resistance.

insufficient density

If a radiograph were made of an average-size knee using AEC and all three photocells were selected, the resulting x-ray would demontrate...

improved image quality

The advantages of large format spot film cameras, such as 100mm and 105mm, over smaller format cameras, such as 70mm and 90mm, include...

intensifying screens, milliamperage, and timer

Periodic equipment care includes evaluation of the...

An electron approaching a positive nuclear charge changes direction and loses energy.

What happens during Bremsstrahlung radiation production?

Autotransformer and Choke coil

What circuit devices operate on the principle of self-induction?

Magnification radiography

Fractional-focus tubes, with a 0.3mm focal spot or smaller, have special application in what kind of radiography?

decrease the mA

If a radiograph exposed using an AEC is overexposed because an exposure shorter than the minimum response time was required, the radiographer generally should...

Inherent filtration

Together, the filtering effect of the x-ray tube's glass envelope and its oil coolant are referred to as...

A very thin coating of cesium iodide on the input phosphor and a smaller-diameter input screen.

What will improve spatial resolution of image-intensified images?

Focal spot size

What is a slit camera is used to measure?

Chest radiography, head radiography, and mammography

Dedicated radiographic units are available for...

2% of the SID

The x-ray beam and collimator light field must coincide to within...

flux gain and minification gain

The total brightness gain of an image intensifier is a result of what two things?

The x-ray tube, machine locomotion, and the braking mechanism

The batteries in battery-operated mobile x-ray units provide power to...

much larger than the output phosphor

the image intensifier's input phosphor differs from the output phosphor in that the input phosphor is...

the variety of field sizes available and more efficient beam restriction

The advantages of collimators over aperture diaphragms and flare cones include...

three-phase transformers

Star and wye configurations are related to...

constant-potential direct current

A three-phase current is...

direct digital radiography

The x-ray imaging system that uses a flat panel detector built into the x-xray table.


The type of x-ray tube designed to turn on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise exposures, is...


Typical examples of digital imaging include..

high frequency generator, x-ray tube, operator console

Component parts of a CT imaging system include...

is the shortest possible exposure time

The minimum response time of AEC is what?

thermionic emission

The electron cloud within the x-ray tube is the product of a process called...

repeated, frequent overloading

What causes pitting, or many small surface melts, of the anode's focal track?

peak kilovoltage (kVp) and milliamperage (mA)

In fluoroscopy, the automatic brightness control adjusts the...


The photostimulable phosphor plate is used with...

Increase in added filtration and increase in kilovoltage

What will serve to increase the effective energy of the x-ray beam...

radiopaque objects

Congruence of the x-ray beam with the light field is tested using...

TV camera and TV monitor

What two device are components of a typical fluoroscopic video display system?


If the primary coil of a high-voltage transformer is supplied by 220V and has 400 turns and the secondary coil has 100,000 turns, what is the voltage induced in the secondary coil?

as kV increases, the HVL increases

What is the relationship between kV and HVL?

using high milliamperage and using fast film-screen combinations

Exposures less than the minimum response time of an AEC may be required when...

Filament circuit

What portion of the x-ray circuit is a step-down transformer located?

distance between the patient and the input phosphor, amount of magnification, and tissue density

Patient dose during fluoroscopy is affected by the...


What device converts mechanical energy to electrical energy?

terminate the x-ray exposure once the IR is correctly exposed

The essential function of a phototimer is to...

focal spot size and magnification resolution

A star test pattern is used to measure...

timer accuracy and rectifier failure

A spinning-top device can be used to evaluate...

solid-state diodes

Circuit devices that permit electrons to flow in only one direction are...

readily dissipates heat, high melting point, and high atomic number

Characteristics of the metallic element tungsten include...

13 percent

What voltage ripple is associated with a three-phase, six-pulse rectified generator is about...

acts as aditional filtration

Deposition of vaporized tungsten on the inner surfaqce of the x-ray tube glass window...

the image is magnified

What happens when using the smaller field in a dual-field image intensifier?

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