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Types of endocytosis

1. phagocytosis: cell membrane reaches out and engulfs matter, only a few cells can do that --> only for signaling, not for actual cell-entry
2. pincytosis: a little cave-in ("invaginations") engulfs particles, nonselective, most cells do it
3. receptor-mediated endocytosis: specific uptake of macromolecules (hormones and nutrients)
--> clathrin coated pits (clathrin is the protein that binds to the big stuff)

Golgi apparatus/complex

The budding-off part of the ER

Ions involved in action potential

Sodium and potassium

PNS = Somatic + Autonomic

Somatic: ennervations in and out of skeletal muscle cells
Autonomic: ennervations in and out of the inside muscle cells (cardiac, food stuff, glands)

What's within the Autonomic Motor branch of this whole nerve business?

1. Sympathetic
2. Parasympathetic

Types of sensory receptors (5)

1. mechanoreceptors = touch
2. thermoreceptors = temperature change
3. nociceptors = pain
4. electromagnetic receptors = light
5. chemoreceptors = taste

The eye + ciliary muscle

ciliary muscle contracts --> lens

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