40 terms

Unit 9 Vocab

Francis Ferdinand
Austria-Hungary's archduke, assasination led to WWI
Total War
when a country devotes all of its resources and popuation to war
the idea that people with same ethnic origins have the right to form their own independent countries
idea that all slavs should support one another
new British battleships, lead to arms race betw GB and Germany
Triple Entente
defensive alliance betb France, GB, and Russia
Schlieffen Plan
General Schlieffen's plann to fight two-front war against France and Russia, failed
War of Attrition
type of war, aim to kill as many opposing soldiers as possible
Home Front
civilian effort towards total war, recycling, rationing, morale, and efficient farming
TNT Poisoning
medical conditioning many women working in munitions factories developed
Twenty-one Demands
list of Japanese demands to China after WWI
the peninsula battle where Turkish troops held off the advance of the Australian and New Zealand forces, perventing Allies from bringing supplies to Russia.
Nicholas II
the last Russian Tsar, abdicated and later murdered
originally local councils in Russia, later became major part of political structure in USSR
Vladimir Lenin
marxist leader, founded Bolshevik party, led communist reolution
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
treaty that ended hostilities betw Russia and Germany. Germany awarded substantial amount of territory.
British ship sunk by German u-boat, incerased US hostility towards German gvt
Treaty of Versailles
the diplomatic agreement that formally ended the war betw the Allies and Germany. Germany got owned
League of Nations
International organization created to keep world peace post WWI. Little power to inforce politics
Mandate System
system to devide German and Ottoman territories outside of Europe. Allowed fronce and GB to expand their colonial empires
lost generation
generation of young people coming of age during and shortly after WWI
Oswald Spengler
author of The Decline of the West. Claimed civilization and culture have the same cycle of growth and decay as humans
Jose Ortega y Gasset
spanish philosopher, worte and essay titled The Revolt of the Masses, attacking democratic gvt
The Uncertainty Principle
Werner Heisenberg's theory stating observation of a physical phenomenon interferes w/ natural behavior of phenomenon being
Sigmund Freud
Austrian physician, founder of psychoanalysis.
Paul Gaugin
post impressionalist pinter, fled europe for central america and Tahiti, blended non westenr ideas with western ideas
painting style popularized by Picasso and Braque, all forms reduced to geometric shapes. Rejection of realism
community of archetects, designers, and pointers to create a style of building and design unique to 20th century
John Maynard Keynes
economist, urged gvts to be active in economy. His theories led to development of gvt funded public works projects
Red Terror
lenin's policy, crush all opposition. 200,000 killed in this campaign
War Communism
provoked by civil war in russia. Soldiers could take anything from anyone if it was deemed useful or necessary in the effort to defeat the wite forces in the Russian civil war
New Economic Plan
Lenin's plan, temporarily restored russian econ in 1920's, let people sell goods in free markets
socialism in one country
stalin's attitude for role of USSR in spereading communism in 1920's. make communism a success in USSR before promoting in other parts of the world (please secure your oxygen mask before assisting others)
five-year plans
s NEP with complete gvt control of economy. Enabled USSR to develop econ strength in many areas
stalin's economic program to increase agricultural production in 1920's &30's. Private ownership of farmland abolished, giant gvt farms set up
wealthy pesant farmers whose land Stalin's collectivization took away.
Great Purge
anyone accused of opposing stalin either killed or imprisoned in a gulag. Enabled stalin to eliminate any percieved rivals
political system with a dictator. First developed in italy under Musolini, and hitler later in germany. Both opposed the spread of communism
Nuremburg Laws
legislation passed in germany soon after hitler came to power. Stripped german jews of citizenship and outlawed mairrage/sex betw German Jews and other Germans (harry potter much?)
night when nazis organized destruction of synagogues and stores owned by jews. Over 100 jews murdered, caused many jews to flee Germany,