World Music #1

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Chordophonesstrings (guitars)Aerophonesair (flute, bagpipes)Membranophonesmembrane (head) (drums)Embellishmentadding extra notes to a melody, a way to expressMelismamultiple notes on a single syllable of textMedleya performer plays/sings songs without stopping, they're mergedBeat - regular pulseMeter - organizing beats into groups (triple, duple)Rhythmset durationAccentemphasis on a certain beat or part of a beatSyncopationaccent on weak part of beatPolyrhythmmultiple rhythms heard simultaneouslyOstinatorepeated rhythmic patternPitchmusical soundDynamicsloud or softTimbrecharacter of soundKey/Scalehome tones, home scale, pitches used to compose a pieceScaleseries of pitches arranged in order from low to high or high to lowChord3 or more simultaneously heard pitchesInterval2 simultaneously heard pitchesTexturethe interplay of musical linesPerforming Mediavoices and instrumentsMelodymost prominent tuneTempospeed (fast, medium, slow)Formshape or design; alteration of the section that repeats section that is differentStyle - Genrethe result of the characteristic way the elements work togetherNotationwrite it down to have a record of it and to pass it along/make it accessiblePentatonic Scale5 note scales