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A man who is not a priest but has received the sacrament of Holy Orders.


Different ways of serving your church parish.


The priest who leads the parish in worship, prayer, and teaching.


The greatest celebration of the church.

church parish

a community of Catholic believers

Good News

Through our Baptism, God calls us to bring the ___ ___ of Jesus Christ to others


A church parish is made up of ____ who usually live in the same town or neighborhood.


Parish members work together to meet the ____ of their church parish.


When we gather as a parish, we are in the presence of ____.


Our church parish encourages us to ___ others.


The ____ most important work is to lead the parish.

You can help to feed the poor, care for others in your parish, learn and teach about your faith.

What are ways you can serve in your church parish?

He baptizes, preaches, and helps the priest.

How does a deacon serve the church?

We show our love for Jesus and one another.

What do we show every time we celebrate Mass and the sacraments as a parish?

study and learn about our faith, spread the Good News, share what we have, help those in need

What are ways we can love the Lord and serve one another?

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