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if you want peace prepare for war (Simple fact pres)

sI vIs pAcem, parA bellum

weapons are of little value unless there is truly wisdom in the country (simple fact pres)

arma sunt parvI pretiI, nisi vErO cOnsilium est in patriA

the safety of all would certainly have been lost in one night if that sterness had not been undertaken against those men (contrary to fact past)

salUs omnium UnA nocte certE Amissa esset nisi illa servEritAs contrA istOs suscepta esset

if you (will) think that something can be done about me, you will do it, if you yourself will be free from that danger (fut. more vivid)

sI quid dE mE posse agI putAbis id agEs- sI tU ipse ab istO perIculO eris lIber

if i were to myself conscious of any crime , i would bear this evil with a calm spirit (contrary to fact pres)

sI essem mihi cOnscius UllIus culpae aequO animO hoc malum ferrem

if you say that you truly prefer the fortune and customs of the ancient common people, but if someone should lead you suddenly to these things, then you would reject that way of life (FLV)

dIcis tE vErE mAlle fortUnam et mOrEs antUquae plEbis sed sI quis ad illa subitO tE agat, illum modum vItae recUsEs

you would err less often if you should know what you do not know (fut. less vivid)

minus saepe errEs, sI sciAs quid nesciAs

you will say alas if you will have seen yourself in a mirror (fut. more vivid)

dIcEs "heu" sI tE in speculO vIderis

unlucky poverty has in itself nothing harsher than the fact that it makes men laughable

nIl habet InfElIx pauperAs dUrius in sE quam quod rIdiculOs hominEs facit

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